Evaluation of ReBuild Nexus Project Job Vacancy 2022

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ETCAREERS.COM
Countries: Ethiopia, Uganda
Organization: SOS Children's Villages International
Closing date: 20 Jan 2022

ReBuild II - Resilience Building for refugees and Internally Displaced Persons and Host Communities is a two-year project implemented in Uganda's Rwamwanja refugee camp and Ethiopia's Somali region. The project's first phase, which was also a two-year intervention, came to a close in 2019. ReBuild Phase I contributed in helping IDPs in Ethiopia and refugees in Uganda withstand socio economic shocks. In January 2020 both member associations began ReBuild Phase II with funds from ADA. Phase II was based on Phase I's lessons learned and best practices. In Ethiopia, the project targets 526 direct beneficiaries with 326 are children & Youth. In Uganda the project aims to help 500 vulnerable families with 1,000 children and 350 youth.

The project was designed to contribute to improved resilience of internally displaced People, refugees and host communities in Ethiopia and Uganda through improved livelihood with special focus on environmentally friendly IGAs. This was supported by promoting awareness and responsive capacity on gender equality and child protection and to effectively enhance capacity in LRRD programming in SOS member associations.

Why this evaluation is needed:

· The LRRD / Nexus approach is largely unchartered water. We need to know whether our concept has succeeded and if it is fit to be replicated and scaled up beyond the project, beyond SOS CV Uganda and SOS CV Ethiopia and potentially beyond the ESAF region. Subsequently, we wish to document the learnings from the approach to be able to identify its potential for replication or scaling-up.

· We need a thorough analysis of the past implementation regarding the most sustainable interventions that should be integrated in the planning of the next phase, which is going to be the final and consolidating phase (only in Uganda) and in the planning of other future projects.

· And of course this evaluation is also an instrument of showing accountability towards the donor as to what extent the expected results (outcomes and outputs) have been achieved.

All across the above mentioned functions of this evaluation (learnings for planning of next phase, and for replication and scaling-up, and accountability) it is crucial to keep a lens on the core thematic interests of ReBuild, which are (1) resilience, (2) gender (GBV) and (3) child protection (VAC). Each of these three areas have been central elements in the design of ReBuild I and ReBuild II and will continue to do so in ReBuild III and in potential other initiatives replicating or scaling up the ReBuild approach. They are also of high importance to the donor, hence should be evaluated also for accountability reasons.

How to apply:

Interested applicants send a request to valerie.neuhold-maurer@sos-kinderdorf.at to receive the full Terms of Reference.

The submission duly stamped and signed should be done electronically in PDF format and sent to

Valerie Neuhold-Maurer (valerie.neuhold-maurer@sos-kinderdorf.at) and

Abraham Tesfatsion (Tesfatsion.Abrham@sos-kd.org).

For details on documents to be submitted see attached TORs.

The proposal has to be received at the latest on January 20, 2022.

Apply to Evaluation of ReBuild Nexus Project

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