Urgent Vacancy: Roving Convoy Leader (5) Vacancy in Ethiopia 2021

Ethiopia Edomias International PLC

Convoy Leader


Our client is working to establish dedicated overland Fleet Capacity to ensure that it will have a constant yet predictable supply of trucks enabling movement of commodities along the Djibouti corridor without disruptions. Unlike the current situation, when the movement of commodities are significantly affected and reduced during peak seasons due to transport capacity prioritized for Government cargo, the dedicated Fleet trucks will ensure that sufficient trucks are available at all times and movements are not affected even during such peak season.

In order to maximize the utilization of the Fleet trucks and truck turn-around between Djibouti and in-country hubs, a dedicated Convoy Management team will be established and engaged who will orchestrate the planning, positioning, and movement of the trucks.

The Convoy system will ensure that:

- Fleet trucks are allocated and scheduled for deliveries against the planned tonnage allocation;

- Trucks are appropriately maintained and readied for deployment by concerned service providers;

- Trucks follow the convoy schedule and route ensuring timely delivery and return to base;

Purpose of the Assignment

The incumbent(s), under the leadership of the Convoy Team leader, shall be responsible for the planning, execution, and reporting of convoy procedures, ensuring timely and efficient movement of food commodities in the corridor and maximum utilization on the dedicated Fleet trucks.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support in the effective integration of the dedicated Fleet and convoy system into overland operations;
  • Support with the establishment and operationalization of convoy management procedures with the dedicated Fleet operations;
  • Coordinate with our client’s Ethiopia operations team on the cargo allocation for the dedicated Fleet trucks;
  • Ensure that the service providers contributing to the dedicated Fleet and adhering to the contractual agreements stipulated in the dedicated Fleet service contract;
  • Support with the monitoring and documenting the performance of the various service providers contributing to the dedicated Fleet;

As part of the Convoy Execution:

Prior to Convoy Dispatch:

  • Inform the Fleet trucks/transporters planned for movement 24 hours in advance to prepare for the trucks and to position at loading point accordingly;
  • Identify all the drivers/trucks to move in the convoy and collect their contact details for communication;
  • Ensure preparedness of the trucks and drivers in terms of (truck readiness, fuel, communication equipment, route planning, etc.);
  • Follow up and ensure that trucks are loaded as per the timeline and report any delays to designated official in the logistics hub;

During Convoy:

  • Stay with the driver in the first truck in the convoy and coordinate the movement;
  • Ensure that truck and drivers and always following the convoy procedures and following the designated route and speed;
  • Report regularly to the Convoy Team Leader on the status of the convoy;
  • Coordinate stops in-transit, stoppage and rest time and forward movement;
  • If needed, engage in negotiation and coordination with authorities to facilitate timely and safe passage of our client’s cargo, personnel and assets to destinations and report any challenges back to base;
  • Immediately communicate any challenges at border due to Customs or Documentation challenges;
  • In case of truck accidents or break-downs, report and coordinate with base and Fleet Management focal point on required actions (rescue, truck repairs, police reports, breaking the convoy for forward movement);
  • Upon reaching the destination, coordinate with our client’s team at destination hubs for timely offloading;
  • Once food delivery completed, coordinate and ensure the trucks return back to base as per schedule;

Upon return:

  • Prepare and submit report on the mission including incidents, convoy performance, driver performance, roads and security situation;
  • Prepare for the next mission, with a gap of minimum 24 hours between 2 convoys;
  • Perform other related duties as required or assigned;

Qualifications and Experience Required:


  • Experience with humanitarian and our client’s Logistics operations and processes;
  • Experience with commercial or humanitarian transport sector;
  • Previous experience with Fleet operations and Convoy Management is recommended

Qualified candidates may send their CV, Cover Letter, Educational and work experience to info@jobsinethiopia.net by January 5, 2022. 

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