Feasibility study of leather solid waste transformation into valuable products for MSMEs and tanneries in Modjo & Around Modjo (For all except studies Job Vacancy 2022

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Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Solidaridad Eas & Central Africa
Closing date: 8 Jan 2022


Feasibility study of leather solid waste transformation into valuable products for MSMEs and tanneries in Modjo and Around Modjo (For all except studies of LIDI-15122021).


With 50 years of experience Globally in facilitating the development of socially responsible, ecologically sound and profitable supply chains, Solidaridad is a frontrunner in the area of sustainable economic development. Solidaridad is a global civil society organization that provides market driven solutions for sustainable production practices across different supply chains. We envision a world in which all we produce, and all we consume, can sustain us while respecting the planet, each other and the next generations.

Our mission is to bring together supply chain players and engage them with innovative solutions to improve production, ensuring the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy that maximizes the benefit for all stakeholders.

Solidaridad Ethiopia is currently implementing initiatives in the cotton, textile, leather

& coffee commodities in collaboration with the Ethiopian government and private sector partners & stakeholders.

Solidaridad established a country office in Ethiopia since November 2015 with registration # 3531. The office re-registered on July 11, 2019 under the CSO proclamation 1113/2019.

Solidaridad Ethiopia with partners People in Need and International Rescue Committee has been implementing an EU funded project on Strengthening social cohesion by supporting local economies and social development initiatives especially for women and youth and enhancing industrial and labour relations in the Modjo Leather City. In an effort of realizing the broad objectives of the project initiative, Solidaridad Ethiopia is seeking to hire a firm specialized on feasibility study development for the leather sector. **

2. Objectives **

The main objective of this study is to conduct feasibility study(both technical and financial) for all tannery solid wastes (raw trimming, dedusted salt, fleshing, lime trimming, shaving, wet blue trimming, crust and finished leather trimmings, buffing dust, lime and chrome sludge) to be converted to valuable product except the six technical studies conducted by LIDI on the utilization of tannery solid waste in to a valuable product in particular to create decent job for un-employed women and youth in Modjo and its surrounding.

The six studies conducted by LIDI are: - utilization of de-dust salt from raw hide/skin on pickling process, preparation, characterization and application of protein hydrolysate from chrome bearing solid wastes, preparation of organic compost from tannery fleshing waste, production of glue from hide limed trimings, preparation of leather board from chrome shavings and brick production from tannery effluent sludge and clay.**

Feasibility study includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Technical feasibility for all possible valuable products from the mentioned solid wastes (are they easy for operation by unemployed youth and women with minimum academic background, are they environmentally friendly and socially acceptable)

  2. Financial feasibility - are these initiatives financially feasible (could be initiated with minimum capital and return on investment),

  3. Market linkage; do these initiatives have sustainable market

  4. Are the initiatives best fit to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs &SMEs) modality or tannery?

3. Scope

· The Geographic local for this study is Modjo and its surrounding

· Identifying and recommending the best Available technology to make valuable products from solid wastes.


The firm will be responsible for delivering an initial desk review, comprehensive feasibility study report and a plan of action for all feasible studies except the six technical studies performed by LIDI.

More specifically the following main deliverables are expected from the consultant:

· Inception report including detailed work plan and methodology with information on the

stakeholders to be interviewed, specific research questions, interview guides /


· Preparation of a draft report on the feasibility study to be shared with the Solidaridad, partners and stakeholders for additional inputs and feedback.

· Presentation of the main findings of the report to the Solidaridad and key stakeholders at a validation workshop. The consultant will integrate comments gathered in this workshop into the final draft report

· Preparation of the final report that takes into account comments from the Solidaridad and selected key partners and stakeholders.


The feasibility study is open for only international consultancy firms. The firm has to have a team Leader with minimum 10-year work experience in the leather sector as a researcher or Consultant and team members with relevant educational and work experience to conduct. The firm has to show a track record and demonstrated experience on studying tannery solid waste management in to valuable products and also conducting feasibility study of tannery solid wastes and the related. Apart from the financial proposal, while submitting the Technical Proposal, the applicant shall, in particular, ensure to attach the following:

i. Profile of the institution/company, explaining why they are the most suitable for the work.

ii. The firm should have more than 10 years relevant working experience in consulting /conducting different feasibility studies on tannery solid waste and/or leather sector

iii. Detailed methodology and conceptual framework with expected deliverables and timelines, man days and the like

iv. Recent CV of the experts

v. Should be VAT registered

vi. Having Renewed Business license

vii. License should also be on Consultancy


The Firm should deliver a technical and financial proposal that will be assessed as follows:

§ Technical proposal: 70 Points

§ Financial proposal: 30 Points

The payment of project charges will be as follows.

§ 30% of the project charges will be paid on signing of the contract and submission of a blueprint (Inception report) including work-plan and methodology for the assignment (in English).

§ 40% of the project charges will be paid on submission of first draft of feasibility study for each solid waste to be converted to valuable product

30% of the project charges will be paid on completion of all feasibility studies and presented to the project team, technical working group and partners

How to apply:

    The consultancy firms/companies are required to submit an EOI containing a statement on
    candidate’s experience with similar assignments, curriculum vitae, financial proposal and work plan
    by 8th January 2022 at 5:00 (EAT). All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above,
    those unable to meet the requirement will not be considered. Each EOI submission should be not
    more than 15 pages and include the following:
    ● A brief proposal for the study with methodology and work plan.
    ● A sample/samples of previous related work.
    ● A financial proposal with a budget with breakdowns of different costs involved, to the finer detail. Budget with aggregated figures will not be accepted.
    ● Updated CVs for the team leader and team members (each CV not more than 2 pages).
    ● Contact details of 3 references with complete contact information (i.e. name, organization, title position, address, email, telephone).
    Subject reference: EOI Feasibility Study For all Tannery Solid Waste Conversion in to Valuable
  2. Submissions are by email to procurement.eca@solidaridadnetwork.org while addressed to:

NB: Only successful applicant/firm shall be contacted. If you don’t hear from us in 2 weeks after the deadline consider yourself unsuccessful. Any form of canvasing will lead to disqualification.

Apply to Feasibility study of leather solid waste transformation into valuable products for MSMEs and tanneries in Modjo & Around Modjo (For all except studies

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