Smart SPV Business Development Manager Vacancy in Ethiopia 2021

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Edomias International PLC

Vacancy Announcement

Edomias International PLC is a Human Resources outsourcing and recruitment firm serving clients for more than 15 years. Edomias is currently looking to recruit the following candidates:

Position: Smart PV Business Development Manager 

Place of Work: Ethiopia


  1. Market insight: Provide complete market insights in the coverage area. (Including market space, trends, major customers and their space, organizational size of major competitors, mainstream partners and scale, information about competitors, and market characteristics) Develop the mid- and long-term business expansion plan.
  2. Improve relationships with key developers: Establish relationships with local owners and technical directors of mainstream developers, organize activities such as high-level benchmarking, workshops, and HQ visits with Huawei, convey Huawei's value, and reach cooperation.
  3. Develop key EPCs in the market: Sort out and gain insight into mainstream EPCs in the region, establish customer relationships with relevant owners, transfer company’s value, and explore more opportunities and cooperation opportunities.
  4. Build a regional ecosystem: Focus on developing relationships with major responsible ministries in the local market, streamline restrictions and shortlist restrictions, and try to incorporate specifications and parameters that are favorable to the company. At the same time, develop local sub-agents and drive and target business objectives.
  5. Support customer communication and key projects, collect key project requirements, and promote solution implementation.
  6. Identify and participate in regional mainstream marketing activities to improve the brand awareness of the company’s investors.



  1. 2 years of related experience
  2. Sc. in Electrical Engineering with Marketing and Business Development Background
  3. Have a comprehensive understanding of the smart PV industry, including the bidding process, construction mode, components, and inverters.
  4. Have a good command of the high-level design solution of the smart PV solution and transfer key value information.
  5. Be able to have at least one professional knowledge covering major fields of the PV industry, including components and inverters.
  6. More than three years of experience in the smart PV industry, with annual sales of at least US$1 million.
  7. Be able to independently develop businesses, have good interpersonal and organizational communication skills, have the ability to communicate with business executives, and establish stable customer relationships.
  8. Be familiar with mainstream players and partners in the local market and understand the market operation mode.
  9. Have project guidance and operation experience, including RFI/RFP guidance strategies and related management.
  10. Have independent contract negotiation and case closing skills.
  11. Have a good learning capability, be able to quickly understand emerging key technologies, and be able to compare and analyze the solutions of competitors and Huawei.


Only candidates who meet the above-detailed requirements can send their CV, Application Letter, work experience, and academic credentials to specifying the position <Smart PV Business Development Manager> in the subject line by Monday, November 29, 2021.


Apply to Smart SPV Business Development Manager


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