ADDIS RFP2021 Consultancy Firm to conduct awareness raising campaign on promoting safe, regular and orderly migration and improving labour migration Vacancy in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: International Labour Organization
Closing date: 20 Nov 2021

Objective of the Campaign

The objective of the campaign is to raise the awareness of potential migrants, migrants, returnees, policy makers and the public at large on safe, regular and orderly migration, reintegration and labour migration governance to help targeted groups understand the dynamics of labour migration.

More specifically:

·Promote safe, regular and orderly labour migration and the instruments available for it

· Create awareness around the dangers and the consequences of irregular migration.

· Create awareness on available services for returnees as well as means and mechanisms to improve their livelihood while making use of their acquired skills

· Promote improved labour migration governance.

The campaign should aim at delivering clear information to the specific target group by developing key messages and disseminating these via various communications channels such as mass media, mini media, print media and social media depending on the target group.

Scope of the Campaign

The “*Better Regional Migration Management*” project, will cover the following countries: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan. Hence, the campaign would have to have regional dimension taking into account country specific context. The various activities need to be developed based on the need of the different target group, namely potential migrants, migrants, returnees, policy makers/constituents and the public at large.

The campaign is expected to bring about attitudinal/behavioral change in the following areas:

enhance returnees ability to become self-sufficient and reintegrate into the labour market smoothly;

equip potential migrants to make informed decision about labour migration and migrate regularly;

encourage migrants to know and claim their rights;

support policy makers/constituents to govern labour migration in fair and effective way, including, protecting migrant workers;

enhance the general public perception on labour migration by clearly showing the positive attributes of labour migration.

Objective and Scope

The awareness raising campaign shall include the use of all communication mediums to reach out the target groups in the different countries, especially with the use of broadcasting media and web-based outlets. The firm shall design this communication program, which is coherent and has sustainable themes and message with the necessary infrastructure. Furthermore, all mediums used and crafted key messages, pictures and video must be aligned with the overall project objectives as well as the objective of the campaign itself. The campaign should also align with the project communication and visibility strategy as well as its awareness raising campaign and social marketing. Therefore, major activities of the campaign should include:

  1. Branding works that include the development of visuals and slogans

  2. A radio program in a selected country aimed at creating awareness on the migration and reintegration dynamics, the available services for potential migrants, migrant workers and returnees, the dangers and consequences of irregular migration and the means and mechanism available to ensure an improved livelihood for returned migrants and regular migration. The selected Radio network should have a nationwide coverage.

  3. Web-based and social media Campaign – link with the project website and social media platforms to enhance visibility of the campaign. The purpose of this media would be to transmit messages on creating a welcoming environment for returned migrants and avoid discrimination and stigmatization, regular and irregular migration, reintegration, available services. The consulting firm should develop contents that promote safe, regular and orderly migration and reintegration and make use of the project’s social media platforms. The consulting firm will be in charge of communicating, engaging in the activity, and monitoring the information flow. ILO reviews and endorses all contents prior to posting.

  4. Regional level media briefing session to better engage media personalities in advancing awareness on regular migration, reintegration, eradicating stigma and discrimination towards returnees, the dangers and consequences of irregular migration and improving labour migration governance.

  5. Radio infomercials for a selected country with a package on powerful tools to advance cause marketing by prominent event marketing scholars across the globe. A 3-5 minutes individual story, testimonials, endorsements by different personalities and groups that promote the cause considerably.

  6. A TV program in a selected country that aims at creating awareness on the risk of irregular migration, eradicating stigma and discrimination towards returnees, available services for potential migrants, migrant workers and returnees and improving labour migration governance

  7. Infographics providing data and relevant information on the project’s initiatives to strengthen to capacities of countries in East Africa to govern labour migration by using evidence-based policies, enhancing migrant workers’ qualifications and skills, and actively engaging the social partners for improved development outcomes.

  8. Teaser Video: A short video (2 min) intended to gain the interest of target audiences. The teaser videos will be broadcasted through TVs, You Tubes and other social media platforms.

  9. Newsletters: Featured articles***:*** written in a more creative, entertaining format targeting potential partners.

  10. Documentary Video: A 3 to 5 minutes video with contents that present s the experience of migrants and/or returnees.

  11. Regional story competition on the topic of reintegration and migration. The story could be in the form of short essay, poetry, painting or photo.

How to apply:

The International Labour Organization (ILO) would like to notify your company of a tender recently published on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) available here:

ADDIS-RFP2021/80 for the provision of consultancy service Awareness raising campaign on promoting safe, regular and orderly migration and improving labour migration governance in the Horn of Africa.

Your proposal must be received by the ILO no later than 20 November 2021,17h00 EAT.

In order to submit the offer, your company must be registered on UNGM. If your company is already registered, kindly ensure that your company’s contact information is up to date (i.e email, contact name, etc.). For any queries related on the registration of your company on UNGM, please contact UNGM directly at:

We look forward to your company’s participation.


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