Urgent Vacancy: Microwave Engineer Vacancy in Ethiopia 2021

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Edomias International PLC

 Position: Microwave Product Engineer

Position Description

Take the responsibilities of microwave delivery TL, Develop and execute delivery solutions, early involvement in pre-sales solution development and review, and guide new employees.

Professional Knowledge

  1. Microwave propagation principles:
    General understanding of digital microwave communication principles and the concepts of modulation schemes and microwave frequency bands; general understanding of functions of all components
  2. Data feature principles:
    General understanding of the OSI reference data model, TCP/IP basics, Ethernet basic principles, and Ethernet basic service networking and applications; general understanding of the structure of Ethernet frames; good command of IP address, subnet division, and Ethernet port attributes (Tag, Hybrid, and Access); general understanding of LAG principles and routing basics.
    Good command of Layer 2 switching/VLAN working principles; good command of ERPS, RMON, test frame, and ETH-OAM working principles;
  3. LH microwave: a general understanding of the types and application scenarios of LH microwave, common protection, and part composition, and rules for using LH microwave frequencies. General understanding of Agile IP LH equipment protection modes and the signal synthesis technique.

Business Skills

  1. Good understanding of MW function in the network and a general understanding of E2E network architecture
  2. Good communication with the customer and understand customer requirement management of MW team
  3. Work attitude conscientiously and proactively

Certificate Requirement

Minimum score requirements for the standard exam on a particular skill, for example, scoring at least 60 points on C++ programming basis

Only candidates who meet the above-detailed requirements can send their CV, Application Letter, work experience, and academic credentials to batsebak@gmail.com with the subject line specifying the position by Monday, October 18, 2021.

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