Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Fairtrade Africa
Closing date: 15 Oct 2021

1. Introduction

Overview of Fairtrade Africa (FTA)

Fairtrade Africa (FTA) is the umbrella network organization representing Fairtrade-certified producers and workers in Africa and the Middle East. It has four (4) regional networks – Eastern & Central Africa; Southern Africa; West Africa; and the Middle East & North Africa. Established in 2005, FTA is a member of Fairtrade International and currently represents over one million farmers and workers in over 500 producer organizations spread across 33 countries in Africa by providing services to them that contribute to the improvement of their livelihoods. Fairtrade Africa’s interventions are guided by the Fairtrade Theory of Change which visually expresses how these ultimately lead to global Fairtrade Goals www.fairtradeafrica.net.

About FTA’s Finnish-funded Dignity for All (D4A) Impact Programme 2018-2021

This is a four-year Development Cooperation Programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA-Finland) with further support from National Fairtrade Organizations (NFOs) and Commercial partners

Underpinned by the Fairtrade Theory of Change (ToC), the D4A Impact Programme seeks justice and fairness through exercising rights and freedoms, empowerment through strengthening the assets and capabilities of the most marginalized farmers and workers, and the attainment of sustainable livelihoods through building resilient agro-based trade systems and societies. The Programme aims at capturing and assessing simultaneous change in four areas (spheres of change): Small producer & worker organizations; Supply chain business practices; Consumer behaviour and Civil society action.

The Programme has eight different projects that are currently being implemented in five countries across Africa i.e., Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and Kenya focusing on Fairtrade-certified Banana, Flowers, Wine, Tea (Hired Labour), Coffee and Cocoa (Smallholder Producers) value chains.

The goal of the Programme is to safeguard the rights of the producers and workers to a dignified life. The overarching objectives of the Programme are:

(i) Realizing the right to a sustainable livelihood of producer households

(ii) Realizing the right to a sustainable livelihood of worker households

(iii) Advancing fair and sustainable trade

The Programme also has 3 cross-cutting objectives applicable to each of the eight projects as follows: Gender Equality; Inclusion of vulnerable persons and Environmental sustainability.

The End-term evaluation will focus on seven out of the current eight projects in Ethiopia (Flowers & Coffee); Ghana (Cocoa Child Protection, Cocoa Climate Change and Banana); South Africa (Wine Grapes) and Malawi (Tea)

2. Objective and Scope of Evaluation of the D4A Flowers Project

The end-term evaluation will be undertaken to determine whether the D4A Programme Flowers project achieved its intended goal of, “Dignified, sustainable and quality of life for flower farm workers”. The evaluation will also measure levels of achievement of project outcome and outputs namely;

· Improved terms, conditions and rights for workers in the 6 Fairtrade certified flower farms in Ethiopia – Outcome

· Improved relations at workplaces – Output 1

· Increased Capacity of Trade Unions – Output 2

· Gender equality mechanisms established – Output 3

· Enhanced occupational health and safety practices and environmental protection – Output 4

· Inclusive workplace for people with disabilities – Output 5.

The evaluation will also assess relevance, coherence, effectiveness efficiency, impact and sustainability of the programme to achieve these outcomes & outputs, provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements, and (promote operational improvement, learning and knowledge sharing through results and lessons learned thereof for sustainability and replication).

The consultant will assess the D4A programme with respect to these six (6) components using the following set of key questions based on the intended objectives outlined above:

(i) Has the D4A Flowers project progressively improved the sustainable livelihoods of worker households?

(ii) Has the D4A Flowers project enhanced gender equity and equality across targeted POs?

(iii) Has the D4A Flowers project enhanced the inclusion of vulnerable persons in the agriculture value chains?

3. Geographical Locations of Flowers Project and its Scope

The MFA-Finnish funded D4A Flowers project is being implemented by Fairtrade Africa in association with 6 Flower Farms (Sher Ethiopia, Ziway Roses, AQ Roses, Herburg Roses, Dumen Organge and Yessin Legesse Flowers). The flower companies are located in Ziway, Qoka and Bishoftu areas.

4. Consultant Specifications

Fairtrade Africa seeks an experienced, proactive and dedicated consultant to undertake this assignment. We welcome applications that meet the following criteria:

• 6 – 10 years extensive experience conducting an end-term evaluation for donor-funded projects and programmes in multisectoral environments;

• Developing and delivering M&E systems, tools and training for livelihoods and evaluations (including food security, crops-based livelihoods and value chains, human rights approaches) or related fields on an international basis across multiple regions;

• Evidence of capacity to undertake the assignment;

• Excellent understanding of project cycle management (PCM) and Results-Based Management (RBM), and their application in programme design, monitoring and evaluation (M&E);

• Working experience at senior level in agriculture value chains may be an added advantage;

• Excellent skills in study designs and implementation, quantitative and qualitative data, information management and quality assurance approaches;

• Experience in integrating cross-cutting objectives in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation: Promotion of human rights and gender equality, non-discrimination and climate resilience.

• Highly organized with the ability to be flexible, able to manage teams, can multi-task and respond proactively;

• Excellent interpersonal, written, analytical and verbal communication skills;

• The consultant MUST be based in the respective D4A project country and available to undertake the assignment in the month of October/November 2021.

5. Consultancy Timeframe

The consultant is expected to produce ALL deliverables outlined below within 30 days in the month of October/November 2021. The expected start date of this assignment is 21st October 2021.

6. Deliverables of the consultancy

a) A complete Implementation status Report of the D4A Flowers project using OECD-DAC Criteria; relevance, coherence, effectiveness efficiency, impact and sustainability

b) Performance Report of the project with respect to the outcome(s) and outputs outlined above.

c) A completed Indicator performance tracking table for output, outcome and impact specific measurements

d) A summary report of the assignment with clear recommendations.

e) Validation of findings on rightsholders and stakeholders

f) Final end-term evaluation report as per FTA’s template

How to apply:

Submission Guidelines

Technical and Financial proposals from interested consultants or consultancy firms should include as a minimum the following elements:

i. A cover letter introducing the submission;

ii. A complete CV of the consultant outlining the relevant skills and experience;

iii. Three references from organizations with whom similar assignments have been undertaken outlining the consultant’s role, performance and the project deliverables;

iv. Technical proposal detailing consultant’s proposed methodology and workplan;

v. Financial proposal with a detailed budget for the assignment (inclusive of tax);

vi. Consultant(s) are encouraged to include any additional information they believe demonstrates added value for Fairtrade Africa within the scope of this assignment;

vii. Technical and business license of the consulting firm.

To apply please submit a technical and financial proposal with the above specifications to recruitments@fairtradeafrica.net by 15th October 2021.

Indicate in the email subject line D4A Flowers Project End-Term EVALUATION.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Fairtrade Africa reserves the right to interview and appoint applicants prior to the closing date of this consultancy.


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