Country: Ethiopia
Organization: International Labour Organization
Closing date: 20 Sep 2021

For the support in the adaptation of the ILO Financial Education materials to the context of potential migrants and returnees in Ethiopia

1. Background and context

In Partnership with the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office of the United Kingdom, the ILO is implementing a project entitled “Better Regional Migration Management”, which focuses on laying the foundations for improving labour migration governance in East Africa by using evidence-based policies, enhancing migrant workers’ qualifications and skills, and actively engaging the social partners for improved development outcomes. Working on the second pillar, which aims to build the capacity of relevant national institutions and social partners to improve labour migration governance with specific reference to skills, the project applies a corridor approach to facilitate skills portability, delivering technical assistance to both origin and destination countries, and fosters the design of occupational profiles in selected economic sectors, in specific migration corridors. In this context, the ILO is collaborating with different partners to expand its Global Programme on Financial Education and provide potential migrants and returnees of Ethiopia with the relevant skills and competencies to improve their understanding and use of financial products and services and in turn, support them in making better financial choices sustainably.

The ILO Social Finance Programme has been working for more than a decade in the area of financial education. The ILO Global Programme on Financial Education is a holistic programme addressing worldwide limited financial literacy levels, through national policy dialogue and capacity building at all levels. The Programme collaborates with policymakers, financial institutions, private services providers and multipliers, as well as direct beneficiaries. The Programme's ultimate target group includes low-income women and men, entrepreneurs, youth, migrants, workers, and farmers, with over 100,000+ already trained globally.

The ILO Global Programme on Financial Education has a wide range of training materials for various target groups, living in various contexts, and speaking different languages. In 2020, it has designed new training materials on Financial Education for Refugees and Host Communities in the framework of the PROSPECTS project, which represents an overall package covering a generic trainer’s manual (450+ pages) and an adaptable trainee’s booklet (200 pages) for each country/region (i.e., East Africa, Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia, Lebanon).

  1. Objectives of the assignment

The objective of this assignment is to adapt the Financial Education for Refugees and Host Communities training materials to meet the specific needs of potential migrants and returnees in Ethiopia, to fit with the Better Regional Migration Management project’s target group. In this assignment, the national consultant will be working closely with the international consultant recruited to supervise the overall adaptation of these training materials.

The national consultant’s main role will be to ensure that the trainee’s booklet of this suite of training materials will integrate meaningful information on and be relatable to potential migrants and returnees of Ethiopia. The trainee’s booklet needs to be adapted to the local context and financial system of Ethiopia, so that the target group attending this course (potential migrants and returnees of Ethiopia) feels identified and represented by its content. In this context, the trainee’s booklet adaptation needs to focus on developing:

  • Case studies and activities using fictional characters relatable to the target group and

  • Comics stories integrating the above-mentioned fictional characters.

This will involve working hand-in-hand with the international consultant hired for this assignment, in order to create 4 new fictional characters that are consistent to the structure of the trainee’s booklet and represent well the above-mentioned specific target group (i.e., potential migrants and returnees of Ethiopia).

  1. Activities

For this assignment, the consultant will be required to:

  • Carry out, with the support of the international consultant, a brief desk research about supply and demand of financial services in Ethiopia. It is particularly relevant to capture the latest developments regarding legislation and regulatory issues affecting potential migrants and returnees of Ethiopia.

  • Create 4 fictional characters following the adaptation guidelines provided by the international consultant. The creation of the fictional characters involves describing their physical aspect, their identity card, the case studies applicable to each character and the text to be included in their respective comics.

  • Review and adapt as necessary the technical content included in the trainee’s booklet so that it represents the local financial landscape.

  • Expected results/outputs

For this assignment, the consultant will be required to submit the following outputs:

  • Output 1: October 15th 2021. Desk review of the local financial landscape.

  • Output 2: November 5th 2021. Development of 4 fictional characters and their related content (case studies, activities and text for the comics)

  • Output 3: November 22nd 2021. Trainee’s booklet adapted to the local context (including all the content under output 2)

All expected outputs are to be created in English for the international consultant to revise the national consultant’s work. Once the product has been fully approved by the international consultant, output 3 will be translated into Amharic language.

  1. Timeline

The assignment will be carried out between October 1st and November 22nd 2021.

The level of effort required for this assignment is of 10 workdays, as per the below table:

Activities and Level of effort

  • Desk review --- 2 workdays

  • Development of 4 fictional characters, their characteristics (ID card), their case studies, activities and text for the comics (characters’ stories) --- 4 workdays

  • Trainee’s booklet fully adapted to the local context --- 4 workdays

  • Supervision and coordination

The national consultant will work under the overall guidance of the Chief Technical Advisor of the Better Regional Migration Management project. The international consultant will also receive technical support from the Jr. Technical Officer in Refugees’ Financial Inclusion and Financial Education of the ILO Social Finance Programme, based in ILO-HQ. The national consultant will also be working closely with the international consultant hired for this assignment.

  1. Selection criteria

The successful candidate will have a mix of expertise and qualifications in the focus areas related to this assignment, including in both the financial system of Ethiopia as well as experience working with potential migrants and returnees in Ethiopia. Evaluation of the suitability of the Consultant to work on this assignment will be made against the following technical criteria:

Evaluation Criteria and the maximum mark required

  1. Expertise/Qualification

  2. The individual consultant should have previous experience working in the financial sector of Ethiopia (e.g. banks, microfinance institutions, etc.) --- 10 marks

  3. The individual consultant should have previous experience working alongside potential migrants and returnees in Ethiopia. 10 marks

  4. Conducted ILO/UN entrepreneurship development, financial education, or cooperatives development trainings for adults in Ethiopia is an asset. --- 5 marks

  5. Fluency in English is a must. --- 5 marks

  6. Maximum Points --- 30 marks

  7. Proposed approach to deliver the ToR’s scope of work

  8. Applicant demonstrates (via submitted technical proposal) their expertise working as a technical trainer. The technical proposal includes a realistic action/work plan. The evaluation to assess the understanding of scope, objectives and completeness of response. --- 40 marks

  9. Quality of the sample report suggests that the applicant(s) possess the required level of knowledge, analytical skill and ability to write the final report of the activies. --- 30 marks

  10. Maximum Points --- 70 marks

  11. Total for Both Section A (30 Points) and Section B (70 Points) --- 100 marks

  12. Minimum Acceptable Score for the Proposal to be considered for financial evaluation. --- 50 marks

How to apply:

All interested individual National Consultants can send questions, if any to the ILO’s Procurement Unit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia via email (ADDIS_PROCUREMENT@ilo.org) until 7 September 2021. Questions will be answered and shared with the interested national consultant by Close of Business on 9 September 2021. Completed technical and financial proposals as well as CV are to be submitted to ADDIS_PROCUREMENT@ilo.org by Close of Business on 20 September 2021.


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