Electricity Technical Engineer for a Chinese Telecom Company Vacancy in Ethiopia 2021

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Edomias International PLC

Position: Electricity Technical Engineer for a Chinese Telecom Company

Responsibility Description

  1. Assist the quality manager in daily quality control work, and be familiar with equipment management and maintenance management;
    2. Carry out engineering quality inspection as planned, and prepare monthly engineering quality inspection and analysis report;
    3. Implement the monthly inspection, cooperate with the quality manager to complete the plan, organization, and implementation of the monthly inspection, and make the monthly inspection report;
    4. Summarize the problems found in various inspections, and distribute the problems to the relevant responsible departments, and urge the relevant departments to rectify the problems.
    5. Conduct special coaching and training for engineering supervisors of quality weakness projects;
    6. Improve the engineering technology and safety management of cities in the region;

Professional Knowledge

(1) Be familiar with the power supply and distribution system principles and common fault handling, and have the capabilities of system analysis, energy-saving management, and small-scale electrical engineering reconstruction scheme formulation, design, budget, and construction management.
(2) Be able to analyze the energy consumption and optimize the operation of the energy monitoring system.
(3) At least 5 years working experience in this field, 3 years working experience in foreign enterprises is preferred;
(4) At least three years of O&M and engineering management experience in 15 kVA power supply and distribution systems, generators, and UPS projects, as well as communication and coordination experience with power supply departments.
(5) Prepared the overall power outage overhaul scheme of the project and directed the overall power outage overhaul work of the project; the depth and breadth of professional knowledge required for this position

Other Requirements

  • English Proficiency
  • Minimum score requirements for the standard exam on a particular skill, for example, scoring at least 60 points on a C++ programming basis
  • Requirements for a professional title, for example, PMP, Cisco Career Certifications, CPA, and more

Only candidates who meet the above-detailed requirements can send their CV, Application Letter, work experience, and academic credentials to batsebak@gmail.com by September 21, 2021.  


Apply to Electricity Technical Engineer for a Chinese Telecom Company


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