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Consultancy Services to design and deliver training on disaster management and early warning and GIS mapping of flood-prone areas Vacancy in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: International Labour Organization
Closing date: 6 Oct 2021

Project: Japanese Supplementary Budget (JSB)

Project number: *ILO Project Code ETH/20/04/JPN**

Consultancy Services to design and deliver training on disaster management and early warning and GIS mapping of flood-prone areas

Location: Jigjiga, Ethiopia


Japanese Supplementary Fund (JSB) is a one-year programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan aiming at enhancing disaster resilience through employment-intensive waterworks in Jigjiga and refugee-hosting communities of Kebribeyah. This project will bring sustainable water supplies, better sanitation practices, flood migration and protection to persons living in the refugee-hosting communities of Kebribeyah and Jigjiga, Somali regional State. The main objective of the project is to enable quick economic and social recovery by improving flood warning, protection governance and management systems, and by restoring infrastructure to flood-affected communities and enhance their resilience to disasters through the provision of water retention infrastructures, and Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) intervention. The project also has a secondary objective of income generation for the affected and high-risk communities through the creation of jobs via the construction of water retaining structures for flood detention, water and sanitation facilities and other essential public works.

In general, the project mainly focuses on:

  1. Government capacity building on flood protection aiming to:

· Ensure timely flood early warning messages are reaching communities residing in high-risk flood areas and ensure minimum preparedness plans and evacuation measures in case of flood damages and displacement.

· Create information exchange linkages between regional and Woreda offices.

  1. Micro dam and detention pond construction/rehabilitation for flood protection duly used for irrigation development and animal feeding respectively.

  2. Water and sanitation facilities to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak in refugee settings.

· Rehabilitation of communal dry latrines and water distribution system through labor-intensive public works

Natural disasters in Ethiopia pose a major obstacle to the country’s efforts to achieve sustainable development, especially given the regionals states insufficient capacities to predict, monitor, deal with and mitigate disasters. Reducing the vulnerability of the people to hazards is a necessary element of poverty reduction strategies, including efforts to protect past development gains. There is a need to strengthen the capacities of government partners in addressing floods challenges, including observation and early warning systems, assessments, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Next to drought, flood is one of the major natural hazards in Ethiopia, which causes significant damages to peoples’ lives and livelihoods. In most cases, floods occur in the country because of prolonged heavy rainfall causing rivers to overflow and inundate areas along the riverbanks and plains. Because of climatic variability, flooding is a cyclical event affecting the livelihoods of most people living in Kebribeyah, Jigjiga and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps of the Fafan Zone of Somali Regional State. Since all of Woreda districts are currently distressed by successive droughts and seasonal flooding, the situation has jeopardized the agricultural and livestock production across the area. It has aggravated already existing social and economic challenges, which are reducing the livelihood security of the population.

To reduce the incidence of floods in the Jigjiga area, the ILO will enlist the services of a consultancy firm to provide technical assistance to the Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources Development (BoANRD) in the area of disaster risk management. The consultancy assignment will comprise the following two main tasks:

Task 1: Provision of training to government officials on early warning, communication and flood protection

Task 2: Geographic Information System (GIS)-based vulnerability mapping of flood-prone areas in and around Jigjiga town


The ILO is seeking the services of a service provider whose roles and responsibilities will be to; 1) design and provide training on early warning and flood forecasting, mitigation and protection to government officials; and 2) carry out GIS-based flood hazard mapping of flood-prone areas in Jigjiga and adjacent Woredas.


The consultancy will achieve the following specific objectives:

3.1 Training Package on Flood protection and Early Warning for Government Officials

The training package aims to increase awareness on flood hazards, early warning and communication to key stakeholders to better prepared and respond to the incidence of floods and help authorities disseminate timely and reliable warnings to the public, and to improve their understanding of the existing national/regional policy frameworks on DRR (M) including flood forecasting and Early Warning Systems.

Design and prepare training modules covering disaster risk reduction, vulnerability, preparedness, response, and flood hazards and their potential impacts, temporal and spatial distribution and possible mitigation measures and deliver the training.

3.2 GIS Mapping of Flood Prone Areas

The main objective is to carry out GIS-based vulnerability, loss, damages assessment tools, and establishing a database to record, analyse and predict flood events. The consultancy firm will undertake the following tasks and activities:

· Design, develop, customize and maintain flood specific GIS (maps, tables, etc.)

· Collect rainfall and discharge data and analyse their consistency

· Collection of data related to important landmarks using appropriate forms

· Assessment of information on past floods, including images

· Produce printable maps reflecting the different layers of information

· Flood risk analysis and detailed flood hazard maps



The target group includes:

· Regional, Zonal and District DRR platform stakeholders

· Regional, Zonal and District Agriculture and Natural Resource Development offices

· Local media institutions and other key stakeholders

The course will be helpful to practitioners who are involved in developing and implementing DRR policies, plans and projects in the region.


The consultancy firm will use the following methodologies:

5.1 Training Package on Flood protection and Early Warning for Government Officials

To ensure active learning by all participants, interactive sessions will be provided through the use of PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, group exercises, review sessions and supplementary handouts, live demos (if possible), videos and maps to achieve learning objectives defined for this training workshop. In delivering the training, the consultancy firm is expected to closely collaborate with the SRS Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resource Development (BoANRD) for financial and logistical arrangements.

5.2 GIS Mapping of Flood Prone Areas

· At the start of the assignment, undertake a desk study involving gathering data that is available from the ILO and/or government partners that will serve as a basis for the types of assignment to be undertaken.

· The consultancy firm will have to take and conduct field-based data collection and GIS mapping; analyse secondary data obtained from relevant regional, Zonal and District offices. The ILO will avail all the required information regarding the site and arrange logistics in collaboration with SRS BoANRD.


The consultancy shall deliver the following:

6.1 Training Package on Flood protection and Early Warning for Government Officials

Expected Outputs and Deliverables:

· Training content design and material development

· Training report

6.2 GIS Mapping of Flood Prone Areas

Expected Outputs and Deliverables:

All deliverables shall be delivered in original hard copy, softcopy in the form of GIS files, pdf files and word documents when relevant. The language of all deliverables shall be English.

Deliverable 1: Inception Report to be submitted within two weeks after the signature of the contract. The inception report shall detail the final methodology and work plan that the service provider will use along with a description of the system that will be developed and the software and hardware requirements.**

Deliverable 2: GIS Database to be completed within 10 weeks after approval of the inception report. The GIS database shall include the geographic locations of all kebeles within the Jigjiga City administration and mountainous and hillsides of adjacent Woredas that contributes run-off water flowing into Jigjiga town.

Deliverable 3: Printable Maps to be submitted within 2 weeks after the approval of the contents of the GIS database and two print out maps of A0 paper size. The maps shall present the location of these areas as well as the different layers of information available from the GIS database. Maps shall be presented in GIS format as well as pdf files.

Database Validation Modalities

Provisional approval of submitted deliverables shall take place at each of the defined milestones shown in the below delivery schedule. It is expected that such approval shall not exceed 7 working days from the notification of the completion of a specific milestone.

On submission of the deliverables, the Project Manager/responsible ILO official shall respond within a maximum of 7 working days and the decision may either be:

a) Approval

b) Approval with reservations upon which the Consultancy firm shall reply within 5 working days under penalty of rejection,

c) Rejection with clear justifications.


Location of Assignment

The assignment will be mainly undertaken in Jigjiga town and adjacent Woredas of Somali regional state for the GIS mapping while the training will be conducted in Jigjiga town, although some initial data, collection may be carried out in Addis Ababa as necessary.**


6.1 Training Package on Flood protection and Early Warning for Government Officials

Course duration; the course will be designed for and expected to take a maximum of two weeks and scheduled from 18-29 October 2021.

6.2 GIS Mapping of Flood Prone Areas

The consultancy starting date is estimated as 01 October 2021. It is expected that the consultancy will be finished within three and half months, 13th January 2022 (75workdays).


The Consultancy firm will work under the overall authority of the Director of ILO Country Office for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan and Special Representative to the AU and ECA, under the direct supervision of the ILO-PROSPECTS Programme Manager in Ethiopia. The consultancy firm will get technical guidance from National Program Officer- ILO CO Addis. There will also be technical support from the Technical Specialist EIIP based in Mogadishu, Somalia and Nairobi, Kenya.


· Provide overall guidance to the Service Provider with regards to the scope of work;

· Avail relevant support to the service provider with regards to adherence to ILO guidelines in the service provider’s undertaking of contract activities.


The Consultancy firm is expected to be a firm or an association of consulting firms with the appropriate capabilities and experience to execute the services. The Consultancy Team may propose additional technical experts to improve the quality of the output. The firm needs to have a record of accomplishment in carrying out technical assistance and consultancy services on GIS mapping of flood-prone areas, flood management and protection and Disaster Risk Management (DRM), hydrology, water resource management, and have proven experience in planning, implementation and management of programs related to urban flood risk management as well as capacity building of relevant public and private sector actors.

The Consultancy firm must have the number of necessary members and professional ability to meet the requirements of the assignment, to form a well-balanced team of key experts with the following aggregate abilities:

9.1 Training Package on Flood protection and Early Warning for Government Officials


· 10 years post qualification experience in Disaster risk management and sustainable development, of this 6 years working in the field of flood management, developing training materials and providing training in flood protection, risk mitigation, early warning and communication, integrated urban flood risk management, operation and maintenance of urban flood control and drainage systems, water resources management, and disaster risk management institutional issues

· Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical and organisational skills;

Required number of staff: two

9.2 GIS Mapping of Flood Prone Areas


a. University degree in Geography, Data Management or any other closely related field with technical specialization in Geo-spatial technology, cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

7 years of experience demonstrated experience in GIS mapping of urban and rural areas, towns, cities, covering all features with database and database designing and management, customization of GIS application, preparation of map with a database of a property survey, preparation of map with a complete database of all the utilities (road, water network, drainage, Sewerage, river channels, gorges, valleys, mountains, farmlands, etc.,). Previous experience in design and carrying out similar works

Registered with the relevant professional body and have a current practising licence.

b. University degree in Surveying with more than five years of field-based experience.

Required number of staff: two (a GIS professional and Surveyor)


· Good communication skills and a good command of spoken and written English.


· Strong practical experience in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is essential.

· Knowledge of technical aspects of geographical data management and utilization; familiarity with coordinate geometry, data conversion and validation, spatial analysis and visualization.

· Ability to solve GIS-specific problems and convey GIS information to non-GIS people.

· Ability to handle a large volume of work in an effective and timely manner.

How to apply:

Dear Sir/Madam,

The International Labour Organization (ILO) would like to notify your company of a tender recently published on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) available here:

ADDIS-RFP2021/62 for the provision of Consultancy services to design and deliver training on disaster management and early warning and GIS mapping of flood-prone areas.

Your proposal must be received by ILO no later than 06 October 2021, 17h00 EAT.

In order to submit an offer, your company must be registered on UNGM. If your company is already registered, kindly ensure that your company’s contact information is up to date (i.e. email, contact name, etc.). For any queries related to the registration of your company on UNGM, please contact UNGM directly at:

We look forward to your company’s participation.


ILO Procurement Bureau


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