Addis-RFP2021/56-Request for proposal for the provision of consultancy services to implement the capacity-building plan of the Ethiopian Investment Co Vacancy in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: International Labour Organization
Closing date: 31 Aug 2021

· 1.1. Support the EIC and RIB team to bolster investment attraction and retention in the agro-industry sector. This will include:

Ø Supporting the design of the strategy on investment promotion in agribusiness (currently developed with support from UNIDO), particularly from an employment perspective (job targets etc.)

Ø Capacities to research target companies, outreaching to these globally;

Ø Supporting sector value propositions;

Ø Promoting expansion of FDI projects by proactively engaging to identify potential concerns and help with addressing these;

Ø Technical assistance on fine-tuning and strengthening the aftercare strategy for enhancing promotion and reinvestment.

Ø Technical assistance to a sectoral team within EIC and RIBs, responsible for the agro-industry sector. This will include the development of technical tools to formalise good practices for the EIC as relevant to their needs and context.

Ø Use practical situations/ examples from 3 subsectors of poultry, edible oils, fruits and vegetables (ProAgro project areas) for trial and learning purposes.

Estimated full-time equivalent (FTE) work days: 50

1.1. Work with the EIC, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI),Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs( MoLSA) and other stakeholders in improving the regulatory environment with respect to the hiring of foreign labour. This will include clarifying what "proof" or required actions are expected in demonstrating absence of locally-available “qualification or experience”.**

· Support the EIC, RIBs, in consultation with other stakeholders, in establishing guidelines for “**labour domestication plans**” in investment projects. These guidelines would need to be adequately reflected in investor agreements and other documents binding the investor and Ethiopian authorities. The availability of public financial and in-kind support to the investor (for instance for workforce training) would be pursued.

1.2. In the Agro-processing field in the Sidama/SNNPR and Amhara Region, the service provider will support RIBs in extending local labour sourcing and domestication services to local investors; this will include partnership development with local public and private employment service and training centers.

Ø Building linkages & strengthening the capacity of the One Stop Services centres within the IAIPs to regional bureaus around local sourcing, employment services and development of skills trainings/ WBL models etc.

Estimated FTE work days: 30

1.3. The service provider will support the EIC, RIBs in:

Ø Improving investor application forms to provide richer information on employment and suggesting possible revisions to the investor data base

Ø developing a tool on appraising investor applications from an employment perspective, against defined sector benchmarks, and for completeness and coherence;

Ø training a group of EIC, RIB experts on this appraisal approach, for them to cascade the trainings;**

Estimated FTE work days: 20

3.2. Define improvements to the quarterly monitoring system (including field visitation and company reports) so that richer information is collected (by gender, skills level, permanent/temporary contracts, wages). Coordination with the Labour inspectorate will need to be ensured.

Estimated FTE work days: 10

3.3. Support the implementation of an annual survey of FDI firms, to include key information on actual and projected employment trends (including by gender, skills level, permanent/temporary contracts, and wages). This may be done through a dedicated survey on employment or part of a wider exercise on the economic and social trends of FDI in Ethiopia.

Estimated FTE work days: 20

3.4. Support the EIC, RIBs in improving their annual reports, to feature data on employment that may be collected from the various sources above (survey, monitoring system). A training on estimating the indirect and induced effects of FDI on total employment in Ethiopia will also be organised for economists within the EIC, RIBs (or in partner institutions).

Estimate FTE work days: 20

1.4. Support EIC, RIBs in better defining national employment impact targets, and to cascade these targets across the organisation’s departments and units, and across regions. It will also provide advice on translating these targets into individual performance plans and appraisal mechanisms.

See also above on projecting, monitoring and reporting.

Ø Technical assistance to EIC management and officials relevant to its planning and monitoring functions;

Ø Facilitate exchanges with other IPAs, in collaboration with ILO

· FTE work days: 30

1.5. Raise awareness and promote dialogue among EIC, RIBs management and representatives of Ethiopia’s national Investment Council, on possible revisions to the investment code from an employment perspective.

Ø Organise a policy workshop, informed by international good practices as well as project findings and lessons-learned, around FDI and employment;

Ø Extend technical assistance to follow-up on conclusions from the workshop

· FTE work days: 20

How to apply:

The international Labour Organization (ILO) would like to notify your company a tender notice recently published on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) available here:

In order to submit an offer, your company must be registered on UNGM. If your company is already registered, kindly ensure that your company contact information is up to date. (i.e. Email, contact name, etc). For any queries, related to the registration of your company on UNGM, please contact UNGM directly at


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