Technical Advisor on Tax Administration Vacancy in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Expertise France
Closing date: 23 Aug 2021

I. Background
The Government of Ethiopia is implementing a comprehensive economic reform agenda-Home Grown Economic Reform (HGER) to address the macroeconomic imbalances created over the past recent years. The objective of the HGER is to ensure macro-economic stability and sustain the economic growth by implementing corrective reforms and by enhancing the role of the private sector participation in the economy. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is leading the implementation of the HGER reforms including privatization and SOE reform, fiscal policy, and public finance management to lay the ground for the successful implementation of the Government’s economic reform agenda towards promoting private sector investment in Ethiopia. One of the major focus of the reform is to enhance Domestic Resource Mobilization where raising the low level of the tax-to-GDP ratio over the medium term is the central objective through implementing a well-designed comprehensive tax policy and tax administration reforms. MoF is coordinating and leading the implementation of these reforms. An inter-ministerial steering committee is established to oversight the implementation progress and take the necessary decisions. A technical committee was also setup to provide technical backing of the work of the inter-ministerial committee.
Therefore, the MoF is seeking a Technical Advisor who will support the work of the technical committee in the area of tax administration. The Advisor will be particularly responsible to provide hands off support to the technical committee comprehensive analytical reports regarding the progresses of the implementation of the tax administration reforms within the Ministry of Revenue.
II. Duties and Responsibilities:
The main and overall objective of this assignment is to assist the work of the inter-ministerial committee by engaging both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Revenues to produce consolidated progress reports of the tax administration reforms underway and provide recommendations and advices to the joint technical team.
Duties and responsibilities include but not limited to:-
• Track and consolidate progresses of the various reform solutions being implemented in the tax administration as well as produce an evaluation report.
• Advises in identification of gaps in revenue administration functions and propose reform and modernization measures.
• Advice on compatibility of various tax administration improvements internally initiated and those proposed from external technical assistances.
• Assess efficiency and effectiveness and ensure the proper functioning of tax management programs put in place,
• Advise on legal reform required and resolution mechanisms to minimize revenue administration issues disputed by taxpayers.
• Advise on reforms that require to create conducive tax compliance environment in general;
III. Qualification and Experiences
• A minimum of Masters degree in taxation, accounting, economics;
Functional experience and skills
• Senior professional with at least 15 years of experience in the areas of tax administration, and government advisory,
• Deep practical understanding of the Ethiopian tax administration and reforms,
• Knowledge of the home-grown economic reforms agenda, and the Domestic Resource Mobilization goals and objectives of the Ethiopian Government,
• Demonstrated knowledge and experience of tax policy and tax administration,
• Engaged in leading the tax administration reform of the country,
• Experience in and ability to lead diagnostic studies, design of tax administration reforms, develop monitoring and evaluation systems of the implementation of the tax administration reforms,
• Ability to work with multiple internal and external stakeholders, including senior policy makers, donors, and consultants
• Excellent communication and partnership management skills
• Fluent in Amharic and English (written and spoken)
IV. Duration of the service
• Adviser’s engagement is expected to run for two (2) years
V. Reporting requirement
• The Adviser will report to both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Revenue
VI. Evaluation Criteria/selection criteria

The following criteria shall be used to select candidates:

  1. General qualification and relevant training of the candidates (20 points)

  2. Relevant Specific experience of the candidates related to the assignment (40 points)

  3. Adequate knowledge and understanding of the home-grown economic reform agenda, domestic resource mobilization goals and objective of Ethiopia, tax administration reforms, tax policy, diagnostic studies, design of tax administration (20 points

  4. Skills and competency –language (fluent in Amharic and English, Ability to work with multiple internal and external stakeholders, including senior policy makers, donors, and consultants; and Excellent communication and partnership management skills, etc (20 Points )

How to apply:

Expertise France is supporting the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in achieving it's Home Grown Economic Reform Program.

We are therefore assisting in publishing the following vacancy.

Please click on the link below to apply for this position.


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