Kuja Kuja Insight Associate Vacancy in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Alight
Closing date: 25 Jul 2021

Scope of Work

Kuja Kuja Insight Associate

POSITION TITLE: Kuja Kuja Insight Associate


RESPONSIBLE TO: Senior Programs Officer

STATUS: Full-time

DUTY STATION: Mekelle, with frequent travel across the region
*Position open to Ethiopian National Candidates


Kuja Kuja is a real time feedback system that allows organizations to design more impactful products and services for their customers. Without a transparent, objective, accessible tool to allow the recipients of donor funded services to publicly rate the services that they receive daily, understanding the efficacy of programming, measuring the success of outcomes, and identifying opportunities disruptive innovation and radical service improvements becomes almost impossible.

At Kuja Kuja we are committed to putting people at the center of humanitarian action and in doing so, allowing local ownership over outcomes to emerge, building the capacity in private and public sector organizations for adaptability and innovation, and helping to drive the impact of programming through deep alignment between organizational strategy and the needs of people. We work to create the conditions that support adaptable, accountable, innovative organizations, governments, and private enterprises capable of responding to the ever-changing needs of the communities they serve. We were born in the humanitarian space, but the market has responded, and we are growing into new markets. Our ambition lies in a global platform that will allow every person, everywhere, to rate and gives suggestions for improving the products, systems, and services that surround us all.


At Kuja Kuja we focus on two basic areas, the tools we design to build relevant, actionable data sets, and the products we design to support our clients accessing, interpreting, and acting on that data. First, we create granular, objective, real time data sets describing customer satisfaction with the services being offered to them, helping to align the decision-making apparatus of our clients around the voice of their customers. Secondly, recognizing that real time data requires radically reduced response times and new ways of working, we support our clients and the communities in which they operate to access, interpret, and act on that data.


As a Kuja Kuja insight Associate, you will ensure that we have daily data collection and product delivery to partners in your location.

Core responsibilities (80% of time)

  • Collect feedback from customers using phone surveys and other remote feedback collection approaches such as Web Form and Chatbots (WhatsApp and Facebook) as well as Self-Swipe at service points, and in the community on a daily basis.
  • Participate in daily data reviews using the guidelines prepared by the data team.
  • Participate in the selection of Key Insights with the Service Team based on the schedule.
  • Participate in peak performance evaluations on a weekly basis.
  • Participate in the formulation of the weekly team goals that inform the Kuja Kuja Objectives and Key Results (OKR).
  • Attend all the scheduled training sessions and take up team support roles as will be available within your team.

Additional Responsibilities (20% of time)

  • Sign up for an online course, link up with a mentor to support growth in your area of interest (business development, communications, technology, data analysis or reporting)
  • Have weekly check-in at the beginning of each week and with your supervisor and seek support where need be for growth.
  • Participate in the bridge building activities as will be communicated by your supervisor every week.

The Kuja Kuja Team

At Kuja Kuja our goal is to grow compassionate, moral leaders who are willing to take the hard road to create great change in the world. We believe that love, trust, and transparency are the operating principles that build great organizations. Each one of us strives to live by these principles daily and we encourage others around us to do the same.

As a growing organization with a global ambition the opportunity for growth and leadership is ever present. Kuja Kuja will become what we make it and that starts with how each of us contribute to the organization every day. At Kuja Kuja each team member takes responsibility for the whole team’s growth and development. We set a standard of excellence for our team members and ourselves that encourages learning, collaboration, and support.

As a team we have some principles, ways we expect one another to work:

  • Lead with love and compassion and assume good in people.
  • Be curious, always. Learn, learn, learn.
  • Ask how something might work, before saying why it won’t.
  • Collaborate. Do it together.
  • Show your work and share ideas before they are fully formed.
  • Include team members by asking questions, exclude them with definitive answers.
  • Make jokes. Eat biscuits. Drink tea. Be silly. Tomorrow is another day.


  • Degree in Social Work, Development studies, Social Sciences, or related field;
  • 3 + years of work experience, whether at a high growth start-up, private sector, humanitarian, or government organization, non-profit organisation or at consulting firm.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with professional fluency in English, and Tigrigna is needed
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Fluency in other local and National languages is a plus
  • An ability to create high quality, precise, written outputs, with experience leading multicultural teams globally.
  • Experience in a range of administrative, financial, and managerial tasks including setting up operational procedures, HR responsibilities and marketing.
  • Good knowledge of international humanitarian best practices, and guidelines including SPHERE Standards, Protection mainstreaming, UNHCR Protection Handbook recommendations, and other relevant foundational documentation.
  • Fluency both in digital communications tools like Slack, G-Suite, and WhatsApp as well as in word, excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among managers, partners, and employees.
  • A fascination with people, places, and the social structures that condition human behaviours and our experience of the world.
  • Love of innovation and design, a hunger for creating new things, and a desire to mentor, guide, and teach others as they learn to become leaders.
  • Sense of humour and an ability to roll with the changing needs of a very human technology start-up.
  • Excellent work experience in training facilitation, mentoring and capacity development;
  • Flexibility and willingness to work early mornings / late nights as required;
  • Sense of humour, and ability to lead by example


  • Excellent coordination and communication skills
  • Should be able to live, work and travel in an insecure environment, always following strict security guidelines.
  • Proven capacity to work in a quickly moving, unstable situation and work against targeted outputs with tight time frames and deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • High level of confidentiality and integrity.
  • Experience of working under high pressure, in fast-paced environments.
  • Strong service orientation with the ability to proactively understand staff and their needs to find effective solutions.
  • Strong organizational skills ability to handle multiple priorities in an autonomous manner.


  • COVID-19 sensitivity
  • Gender-sensitive
  • Understanding of and commitment to the “Humanitarian principles”
  • Understanding of and commitment to Alight code of conduct and organizational goals

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