Feed the Future Policy LINK – IT Specialist Vacancy in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: DAI Global
Closing date: 6 Aug 2021


DAI works at the cutting edge of international development, combining technical excellence, professional project management, and exceptional customer service to solve our clients’ most complex problems.

Since 1970, DAI has worked in 150 developing and transition countries, providing comprehensive development solutions in areas including crisis mitigation and stability operations, democratic governance and public sector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development and financial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS, avian influenza control, water and natural resources management, and energy and climate change. Clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and host-country governments.

Organization and Values

DAI is a global development company with corporate offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, EU, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Palestine and project operations worldwide. We tackle fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. DAI works on the frontlines of global development. Transforming ideas into action—action into impact. We are committed to shaping a more liveable world.

DAI and its employees are committed to confronting racism and holding ourselves accountable for positive change within the company and in the communities, cultures, and countries in which we live and work. DAI is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner.

DAI upholds the highest ethical standards. We are committed to the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment as well as other ethical breaches. All of our positions are therefore subject to stringent vetting and reference checks.


The five-year (2019 – 2024) Feed the Future Policy LINK project will strengthen the capacity of local actors and institutions to lead and manage the agricultural transformation process and contribute effectively and collectively to improved, broad-based food security policy outcomes.

Specifically, the program aims to strengthen food security policy systems by investing in and reinforcing productive human and social capital and developing strategic partnerships that help bring these innovations and capacity investments to scale in order to achieve a critical mass of local actors with the ability and opportunity to effect positive policy change through collective action.

Policy LINK’s general approach is grounded in facilitative leadership and collaborative governance, which emphasize engaging stakeholders from civil society and public and private sectors in consensus-oriented decision making, collaborative problem solving, and adaptive learning.


USAID Ethiopia is developing a five-year activity with the overall objective of supporting the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) and other policy system actors as they transition to a more inclusive policy development process. Specifically, the activity will facilitate the transition from an almost exclusively government-led and implemented policy development paradigm to one driven by multiple stakeholders.

This new approach to policymaking will strengthen the capacities of Ethiopia’s main agricultural policy system actors and institutions and support them to engage stakeholders traditionally excluded from decision-making, including academia, financial institutions, the judiciary, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private sector representatives from the national, regional, and local levels.

This approach is underpinned by Policy LINK’s overarching theory of change focused on increasing human and social capital, engaging policy system actors in collaborative processes, and developing mechanisms for collaborative governance and dynamic learning systems and platforms to sustain collective action.

The activity will support the GoE objectives of inspiring sustainable agriculture-led economic growth, strengthening resilience among people and systems, and creating a well-nourished population, especially women and children.


The IT Support Company is responsible for the oversight of project IT needs as agreed upon under the contract, to include Ad Hoc system installations, maintenance, support, and technical consultations to the project. The IT Support Company is responsible for ensuring that standards set by the DAI OIMT are followed and proprietary project solutions are the most efficient and cost effective available. Responsibilities include the oversight of the Local Area Network, IT equipment and services at project offices, adhering to back up, anti-virus and disaster recovery procedures and ensuring that end users have reliable access to shared files, printers and collaboration tools (email, instant messaging, voice calling, video calling).

DAI’s Office of Information Management & Technology (OIMT) will provide the IT Support Company, with guidelines for system administration at every level, as such it is the responsibility of the ITT Support Company to keep OIMT informed of issues and or proposed system modifications which deviate from standard operating procedure.

The project office will host the following equipment and network components. Initial installation and configuration will be performed by DAI OIMT staff member. Maintenance of the installed systems is the responsibility of the contracted IT support company.

· HP ProLiant server running Windows Server OS (2008, 2012, 2016) with Hyper-V virtualization hosting Windows Domain Controller, Domino mail/application server, File and Print Server, DAI Proprietary PBX VOIP server.

• Hosted services include Windows Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, corporate (managed) antivirus, Dynacom Field Accounting System and Windows Server Backup software (or other backup solution).

• UPS with network card and temperature probe configured to monitor operating conditions and send notifications to home office.

• Cisco Meraki Security Appliance and Wireless Access Points.

• PoE / Gigabit Cisco network switches

• Multifunctional network printers

• HP desktops and laptops operating Windows OS (7 or 10 Professional), MS Office Professional Plus suite (2013, 2016, or 2016 Office 365), antivirus client, IBM Notes Client, various role based software (Adobe Acrobat, SPSS, GIS Software), full disk encryption.

• Project LAN connected to the Internet (via DSL, VSAT, ISDN, Fiber Optic line etc.) and linked to Home Office via virtual private network (VPN) tunnel.


• Local network maintenance and troubleshooting (cabling, switch and router configuration, TCP/IP, NAT, network printing, Windows network, and Domain services; Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, WSUS).

• WAN connectivity and maintenance (Internet connection and services; Broadband, leased line, ADSL, ISDN or dial-up connection and devices configuration and maintenance).

• Server and server application maintenance and monitoring (physical hardware, Windows Server OS updates and maintenance, LAN and WAN connectivity, IBM Domino and messaging system, FTP services, antivirus maintenance).

• Client computer hardware and application installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance (laptops, desktops, Windows OS updates, approved 3rd party software updates, Microsoft Office suite, IBM Notes and other mail clients, AV client) following OIMT established procedures.

• Act as the point of contact with OIMT, respond to all end user support issues and requests, escalating to OIMT as needed, perform troubleshooting steps as directed by OIMT staff during escalation.

• Provide assistance to OIMT and project in local procurement of IT related equipment with regards to DAI standards.

• Verify all systems (server, network, printers, and connectivity) are operational per directions of DAI OIMT.

• Ensure that users can connect to the server, retrieve emails, use the Internet, and use printing facilities.

• Backup is performed as instructed by home office.

• Software and antivirus updates are current for all servers (host and virtual) and


This consulting assignment will take a total of 104 working days spread over a period of performance from August 1, 2021 – July 31, 2022.


Weekly checkups

· Ten hours on site, divided into no fewer than 3 visits per week.

· Visually inspect all network and server hardware.

· Verify the integrity of daily backups.

· Review system logs and assess any errors, resolving or escalating to OIMT (backup, antivirus, UPS, Security Appliance).

· Inspections of server functions and troubleshoot any failures.

· Resolve end user support requests.

· Log services performed to be sent monthly to project office manager and OIMT Home office.

Monthly checkups

· Perform any server software updates as instructed by OIMT. This may include but is not limited to Windows Server OS updates, Domino server updates, antivirus server updates.

· Perform client software updates as instructed by OIMT. This may include but is not limited to IBM Notes Client software updates, antivirus definition and software updates and MS Office software updates.

· Perform 3rd party software updates for all approved software.

· Remove unauthorized software as detected by OIMT monitoring tools.

· Prepare the report on monthly incidents and scheduled services performed.

Quarterly checkups

· Perform driver and firmware updates on server.

· Perform driver and firmware updates on client computers.

· Perform driver and firmware updates for printers.

· Correct any outstanding issues and problems

· Prepare report and send to office manager and HQ OIMT.

Other duties as needed:

· Respond to and resolve critical issues: systems failure, internet outage, work stoppage issues. Notify DAI Home Office OIMT if issues cannot be resolved in a timely manner.

· Resolve individual user hardware/software problems, working with OIMT / local service provider in resolving or providing replacements.

· Computer setup for new employees or new software installation.

NOTE: Consultants must seek and receive prior approval from the Policy LINK team (supervisor) before sharing any written information with USAID and other partners.


The consultant will work under direct supervision of the Ethiopia Office’s Finance and Operations Director, who will provide the overall supervision of this assignment.

In ensuring the quality of the work is undertaken, the consultant will continuously consult with the Policy LINK team to agree on expectations, scope of the work, and an updated work plan based on the activity goals and approach. A debrief meeting will be held after the activity to discuss any further issues which require further follow-up and reporting.


Required Experience:

• Administration of Windows Server (2008, 2012 or 2016) & Windows Client (7 and 10 Professional) operating systems in Active Directory domain environment.

• Administration of network resources (DHCP, DNS, Access Controls, Network Shares, TCP/IP Printing, RADIUS authentication)

• Network administration, troubleshooting and maintenance. Familiarity with basic concepts (VLAN, Subnet, Firewall Rules).

• Support of common productivity tools (Microsoft Office Suite)

Desired Experience:

• Support or basic knowledge of IBM Notes Client Administration, and replication within WAN.

Support services will be performed on site at an agreed upon schedule which is determined at the time of signing the support contract.

The Project will provide IT support company access to server, network and computers at scheduled times. If the IT Support Company or Project office wishes to change the schedule, it should inform the other party two weeks in advance via email.

DAI Is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with a commitment to diversity. DAI does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, parental status, veteran status, or other non-merit factor.

How to apply:

Application Instructions

Please submit applications electronically via this website: https://fs23.formsite.com/OLJTgx/jvhipwp5om/index.html?1618955315786

Candidates will be required to answer certain qualifying questions before uploading their CVs and cover letters to the application form for consideration.

Applications submitted between 22nd July to 6th August, 2021 will be considered.

Only candidates who are shortlisted for interviews will be contacted. No email enquiries please.


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