Communication and Media company to design and produce a radio program

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: International Labour Organization
Closing date: 22 Jun 2021

Communication and Media company to design and produce a radio program

June 03, 2021

National/Local Advertisement for Company only (Not for an Individual)


To curb the gender gap in the garment and textile industry, the ILO Siraye programme has designed various interventions at the factory, sectorial, regional and national level. As part of the intervention at the factory level, the programme would like to design and produce a radio programme that will be broadcasted in all the major industry parks across the country.

The radio programme will address the gender thematic pillars with in the ILO SIRAYE programme i.e. Leadership and empowerment, fair and equal treatment, voice and representation and paid work and care.

2. Methodology

The selected service provider will be working very closely with ILOs communication officer to determine stories and storytelling techniques. A creative brief that will outline the focus on the radio programme for each episode, the questions to be addressed and the stakeholder to engage will be provided by the ILO.

The service provider is expected to work closely with community radio organization in Hawassa, Adama, Kombolcha and Bole lemi and to utilize their studio when recording the live segment of the radio programme. As such, the service provider should enter an agreement with community radio organizations to compensate staff members for their expertise.

The selected service provider is expect to travel to Bole Lemi, Adama, Komoblcha and Hawassa to develop narratives and scripts that resonates with real life stories of workers

3.Qualification and Expertise:

  • Proven experience in producing SBCC radio programme.
  • Experienced staff in casting, scripting, recording and editing
  • Understanding of the gender dynamic in the garment and textile industry.
  • Existing relationship with community radio is an asset.
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks in a short amount of time
  • Experience working with UN agencies is an asset.
  • Working experience in the garment and textile industry is an asser

4. Deliverable

  • 12 Episode (30 minutes each) radio programme incorporating 15 minute drama and 15 minute live interview/discussion in Amhari

How to apply:

5. How to Apply

All submissions eligible for consideration must include:

  • Annex II, and
  • Annex III, and
  • Appendix A.

The link of the above Annex's, Detail TOR and RFQ are available at UNGM:

All signed by the legal representative and stamped with the official seal of your company, on or before June 22, 2021, 17:00 (5:00 PM), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Time at the following address:

Submission by e-mail:

Please submit your proposal at the following e-mail address:

Proposals must be received in two different files.

The first file named Technical Proposal + RFQ reference.

The second file named Financial Proposal + RFQ reference.

The financial proposal file must be password protected. The Password will be required by e-mail only if the technical proposal meet or exceed the minimum score during the evaluation of technical proposal.

Where there is any infringement of these instructions (e.g., financial proposal not password protected, or password transmitted together with the financial proposal, or references to prices are included in the Technical offer) the proposal will be rejected.

Physical Submission:

Hand delivered (including by courier services) directly to the below address in return for a signed and dated receipt.

International Labour Office

Name of the ILO Office: ILO Country Office for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan

Address of the ILO Office: Mennelik II Avenue, ECA Old Building, 5th Floor

Zip code, City: Addis Ababa

Country: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Proposal must be submitted using the double envelope system i.e., the outer parcel containing two separate, sealed envelopes, one bearing the words “Envelope A – Technical Proposal” and the other “**Envelope B- Financial offer**”.

Where there is any infringement of these instructions (e.g., envelopes are unsealed or references to prices are included in the Technical offer) the proposal will be rejected.


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