Capacity Development & Institutional Reform Senior Specialist

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: SOFRECO
Closing date: 8 Jun 2021

The World Bank is financing East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP), which initially involves sixteen Regional Flagship TVET Institutes (RFTIs) of three East African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Project’s development objectives are increase accessand improve qualityof TVET and facilitate regional integration.The objectives and results of the project will be achieved through:

  • Strengthening 16 selected Regional TVET Flagship institutes out of which 7 are found in Ethiopia; and Dire Dawa Polytechnic College (DDPTC) is one of the institutes;
  • Creating national TVET enabling environment; and
  • Enhancing regional collaborative capacity in TVET and project coordination.At the institute level, the objectives of the project will be achieved through:
  • Strengthening governance and management;
  • Institutionalizing industry links;
  • Developing market relevant and competency-based training programs;
  • Training of TVET managers and teachers/trainers (including industry senior experts);
  • Provision of key training facilities and equipment; and
  • Outreach and support for non-project national TVET institute. Strengthening DDPTC capacity for high quality skills development in priority sectors is the main strategic development objective of the project.

The implementation of the project will turn the DDPTC into the largest training facility for high quality and relevant skills development in Ethiopia; produce competent skilled technicians for the Country and East Africa; and to become pioneering model TVET Institution in the Region. One of the key interventions of the project is to support the Dire Dawa Polytechnic College to become Model Regional Flagship TVET Institute in delivering demand-driven high quality TVET programs. Thus, the DDPTC seeks to hire highly qualified Technical Assistance Consulting Firm (hereinafter “the Technical Assistance, TA”) to support the College in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) development.

The main objective of the assignment is to engage a highly qualified consulting firm to provide mentorship technical support and capacity strengthening measures for high quality skills development and market responsive Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at the DDPTC.

The capacity development and institutional strengthening specialist will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Team Leader and Institutional Reforms Senior Expert to undertake capacity development assessment for DDPTC in relevant area;
  • Prepare a detailed report for the information of DDPTC & PIU management staffs, and the selected trade teachers/trainers;
  • Assess equipment needs of the relevant trades and how the training equipment of the DDPTC need to be upgraded in line with the type and quality of training required by the market;
  • Prepare the required manuals and procedures to guide institution;
  • Prepare a performance monitoring plan for professional development of faculty staffs;
  • Design programs to develop professionalism and improve the soft skills of staff of faculty staffs and their career guidance counsellors such as negotiation skills, personality building, and preparation of resumes;
  • Work with teachers, trainers, and instructors to upgrade their knowledge and teaching skills in competency-based education and training, holistic assessment and contemporary adult learning techniques, gender and social equity sensitivity, learning resource development, curriculum writing and managing industry and professional partnerships;
  • Conduct in-service training of trainers to build their capacity;
  • Coordinate, manage and provide guidance to agreed-upon capacity building programs;
  • Prepare designs for the conduct of training programs, workshops, seminars and on-the-job trainings, as needed, in accordance with the capacity development plan;
  • Develop generic and specific educational management training programs based on the findings from the needs assessment to address common and unique management training needs of institutions in areas such as, continuous quality improvement, performance management, data aided management, etc.;
  • Assess how the curriculum and training programs for the trainers/teachers needs to be strengthened and updated in line with the upgraded equipment;
  • Work with trainers/teachers to upgrade their knowledge and teaching skills in: competency-based education and training, holistic assessment, assessing competency and knowledge gaps, setting learning goals, developing learning processes, contemporary pedagogy and adult learning techniques and measuring learning outcomes, gender and social equity sensitivity, learning resource development, curriculum writing and managing industry and professional partnerships;
  • Identify requirements and assist in the design of programs to develop professionalism and improve the soft skills of trainers and managements such as negotiating skills, personality building, and leadership qualities;
  • Prepare a performance monitoring plan for ongoing professional development of DDPTC faculty staffs of the selected trade;
  • Organize training for the relevant project implementation specialists so that they can roll out the capacity development initiatives in a planned manner; and
  • Perform other tasks as required for the successful implementation of the project.


Capacity Development & Institutional Strengthening Specialists (5 man-months)

  • The Specialist will hold relevant qualifications in the fields of either TVET Railway or Metal or Mechanical or Automotive or Electro Engineering/Technology with Post Graduate Diploma or Bachelor Degree or Master’s Degree in an area such as social sciences, community development, organizational strengthening etc.;
  • He / She will have 12 years of relevant experience in the professional development of trainers/teachers, heads of institutions, and management staffs, plus a strong background in the development of TVET Curriculum, teaching/ learning resources; and
  • Experience working in Ethiopia will be preferred.

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