Consultancy - Community Based Sociotherapy - Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: ZOA
Closing date: 7 May 2021


Name of Project: EU Trust Fund - EA078

Period: December 22, 2020 to Dec 21, 2023

Project Title: Promoting stability and strengthening basic service delivery for host communities, refugees and other displaced population in Gambella Regional State (GRS) of Ethiopia

Location of the project: Gambella Town, Gambella Zuria, Itang and Gog woredas, and Kule, Terkidi, Ngunyyiel, Jewi, Pugindo I and Pugindo II refugee camps in Gambella Regional State, Ethiopia

Target beneficiaries: Vulnerable host community members, IDP, and refugees

Consultancy Type: Provision of Community Based Sociotherapy (CBS) training to CBS facilitators and project staff, provision of technical advice on CBS

Project Description

The overall objective (expected impact) of this EU TF project is to promote stability and strengthen basic social service delivery and quality for host communities, refugees and other displaced populations in the Gambella Regional State (GRS) of Ethiopia.

The specific objectives (expected outcomes) are the following:

  1. Better access to and higher quality of health services, including sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence services, and trauma healing, for host communities, refugees, and other displaced people in GRS.

  2. Promotion of peacebuilding, conflict prevention and reconciliation in GRS.

The expected outputs for this project include:

1.1 An integrated referral system is established in GRS for a better and non-discriminatory access to health facilities.

1.2 The quality of emergency services delivered by health facilities in GRS is improved.

2.1 Extended and improved social cohesion and peacebuilding approach in the targeted areas.

2.2 Tensions between local communities and between refugees and host communities are reduced.

2.3 The awareness and capacity of government authorities, service providers and community leaders on Conflict Sensitivity Development is increased.

ZOA is responsible for specific objective 2 and expected outputs 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. The CBS approach (see context below) is an important intervention under result 2.1

Scope and expected results of the consultancy

As part of the above mentioned project ZOA will commission essential Parts of Community Based Socio-therapy activity (Activity 2.1.2). The description of this activity is as follows: CBS is an evidence-based group methodology that supports changes in individuals and society by using the community as a starting point. ZOA will identify and conduct a Training of Trainers for two CBS Trainers, who will be responsible for training and supervising 24 CBS Facilitators and 4 project Officers. Once trained, pairs of CBS Facilitators will lead mixed groups of 12 people through a context-specific programme which follows the six phases of the socio-therapy model: safety, trust, care, respect, rules, and memory of emotions for individual and community wellbeing. During these sessions, participants realize what they can do to change relationships, gain self-confidence, improve family relations, and became more active participants in community safeguarding processes. Groups will meet voluntarily over a period of 15 weeks, allowing each CBS facilitator to lead up to three CBS cycles per year. Safeguarding of vulnerable groups will be ensured by training the CBS Trainers, CBS Facilitators, and participants on ZOA’s Code of Conduct. Safe complaint and feedback mechanisms will be developed which align with the capacities and preferences of beneficiaries.

The expected results of this consultancy are:

  1. Contextualisation (inception) of the CBS approach for the specific context in Gambella

  2. Provision of Basic training on CBS to 24 CBS facilitators and 4 project officers for 15 days in two different training place (two groups) ,

  3. Provision of three advanced trainings (4-5 days) to CBS facilitators and CBS officers in to two groups

  4. Throughout the project duration provision of advice on the development of community indicators, planning of the baseline, data collection, methods and evaluation based on needs of the project staff

  5. Provision of additional backstopping support based on needs of the project staff

  6. Support pre and post session surveys and analysis


The consultant is expected to provide a detailed proposal for the different requested activities grounded in the Community Based Sociotherapy approach as described in the handbook training in Community Based Sociotherapy (Dekker, C. 2018).

Geographical scope

The project will be implemented in Gambella Town and Gambella Zuria, Itang, and Gog woredas; beneficiaries will be host communities (Nuer and Anuak), IDPs as well as the refugees in Jewi, Kule, Nguenyyiel, Pugnido I, Pugnido II and Tierkidi refugee camps.

The training sessions need to take place in the Gambella region. Provision of advice in relation to the consultancy service and running CBS sessions after the ToT can be in person and online.

Expected deliverables and timeline

The consultancy firm is requested to propose an estimated timeframe in their proposal as detailed workplan for consideration. The estimated timeframe need to take into account the following elements:

  1. Inception and contextualization of the CBS approach: May 2021

  2. Provision of basic CBS training to CBS facilitators and officers: June – July 2021

  3. Provision of the three advanced trainings to CBS facilitators and officers: October 2021, Q1, 2022 and Q4 2022

  4. Provision of advice and support on M&E related topics: throughout project period

  5. Provision of additional backstopping support : throughout project period

Required qualifications and experience

  • Grounded knowledge of the Community Based Sociotherapy as laid out in the Handbook Training in Community Based Sociotherapy (Dekker, C. 2018)

  • Proven experience in training of CBS facilitators, in quality control and M&E of CBS interventions

  • Commitment to adaptation and flexibility

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Additional information about the project and the ToR

This TOR is intended to guide a consultancy service for a European Union Trust Fund’s (EUTF) project trusted to IRC (lead) in partnership with ZOA and OSSHD which is to be implemented in four woredas in Gambella Regional State (GRS) namely Gambella Town, Gambella Zuria, Itang, and Gog woredas over a life span of 36 months. The project started on Dec 22, 2020 and ends on December 21, 2023. In order to implement this project, IRC, the lead organization, has partnered with ZOA (which is responsible for peacebuilding interventions) and Organization for Social Services, Health and Development (OSSHD)- to strengthen the Health referral systems. The target groups for this project are vulnerable host communities, refugees and Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) living in target areas of GRS, district, zonal, and regional government officials, health facility staff, community leaders, youth and women.

In order to better understand the context and prepare the design of this action, ZOA conducted a needs assessment in December 2019. The result of the assessment revealed that the peace and security situation in the targeted areas, as well as in all of Gambella Regional State (GRS), is fraught and unpredictable. As a result of conflict both within Ethiopia and in nearby South Sudan, host communities have found themselves competing with 28,338 internally displaced persons (IDP) (70% displaced due to conflict)[1] and 310,441 refugees[2] for increasingly limited natural resources, economic opportunities, and social services (especially healthcare). As a result, trust between ethnic and social groups is low, peaceful coexistence is fragile and there are frequent outbreaks of violence. Accordingly, 85.21% of surveyed community members indicated that there was an incident of violence in their village in the last 12 months. In response to this ZOA will work on the outcome two of the project to bring reconciliation by implementing and extended and improved social cohesion and peacebuilding approach in the targeted area.

To address the psychosocial needs of refugees and host-community members and reduce the social tensions they experience the Community Based Sociotherapy (CBS) approach[3] will be employed. The daily distress along with the effects of potential previous traumatic experiences people went through, hampers them to constructively think about the future. This leads to reduced engagement in personal development initiatives or development initiatives. By building and restoring social relationships and feelings of dignity and reducing psychosocial stress, people are more likely to take ownership of their lives and future and other (livelihood) interventions are more likely to have a sustainable impact on people’s lives.[4] After participating in CBS groups, participants often feel more empowered and are motivated to look for opportunities to earn a living.

  • [1] IOM: Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Ethiopia,
  • [2] UNHCR: Operational Portal, Ethiopia,
  • [3] Dekker, C (2018). Handbook Training in Community Based Sociotherapy
  • [4] Karangwa, D., Richters, A., Mbabazize, M. (2016). Economic development through psychosocial interventions: Community based socio-therapy program in Muhanga District, Rwanda. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies 4(10): 138-150.

How to apply:

Technical Proposal

All Technical Proposals submitted must comply with the requirements in this ToR and comprise the following:

  • A cover letter with a brief presentation of your consultancy explaining your suitability for the work
  • The Consultant must present a description of its company and organization.
  • The Consultant shall also include details demonstrating the Consultant’s experience, knowledge and capacity
  • A brief methodology on how you will approach and conduct the work; including draft methodology framework, proposed timeline/work plan, team composition with CVs and Certificates
  • The Technical Proposal shall provide the following mandatory attachments:
    • VAT registration certificate issued by the tax authority (only domestic Consultants )
    • A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the tax authority (domestic Consultants only);
    • Business organization registration certificate or trade license issued by the country of establishment (foreign Consultants only);
    • Relevant professional practice certificates, as appropriate

The Technical Proposal shall not include any financial information. A Technical Proposal containing financial information may be declared non responsive.

Financial Proposal

  • All Financial Proposals submitted must comply with the requirements in the Request of Proposal and shall list all costs associated with the assignment.
  • The proposal should be valid for a period of at least (90 days) from the last day of submission.
  • Financial Proposal should include the following mandatory information and attachments:
    • Financial Proposal Total Price
    • Breakdown of Financial Proposal by activity
    • Breakdown of Fees (Time-Based)
    • Breakdown of Fees (Lump-Sum),
    • Breakdown of Reimbursable Expenses
    • The financial proposal should be submitted in Euro.
    • Payment for local consultants will be in ETB
  • The total Financial Proposal price shall be broken down into the following cost components using the appropriate forms:
    • Fees for staff, indicating rates for home and field work, where appropriate; and
    • Reimbursable expenditure, such as subsistence, transportation (international and local for mobilization and demobilization), services and equipment (vehicles, office equipment, furniture, and supplies), printing of documents, translation, and other incidental expenses
    • Where a foreign Consultant plans to use local Consultants the portion of the Financial Proposal representing such local cost shall be expressed in ETB.
  • The Financial Proposal should clearly indicate, as a separate amount, the local taxes (such as: value added or sales tax, social charges or income taxes on nonresident Foreign Personnel, duties, fees, levies) and other charges applicable for this consultancy work.
  • The completed Financial Proposal forms, could be adjusted if necessary during evaluation or negotiation, and will be used in any resulting Agreement, to compile the:
    • Breakdown of Contract Price in the case of a Lump Sum contract, which will be used only to determine prices for any additional Services or costs;
    • Cost Estimates in the case of a Time-Based contract, with payment being made for the actual inputs provided, using the rates in the Cost Estimates.
  • The Consultant offering conditional discounts shall indicate the methodology for their application in the Financial Proposal Submission Sheet.


  • As a proof of satisfactory execution of contracts the Consultant must provide Certificates of satisfactory execution of previous contracts provided by the other contracting party to the contracts concerned in number and within the period specified above.
  • Proposal should include name and brief description of two most recent consultancies, including name, organization and contact information. Each reference provided should be the client’s responsible project administrator or a senior official of the client who is familiar with the Consultant’s performance and with the Consultant’s system capabilities.

Please send you application on or before May 7 to Refer any questions also to this address. Want to know more about ZOA? Visit our website!


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