Workforce Development Specialist

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Palladium International
Closing date: 11 Apr 2021

Project Overview and Role:

CATALYZE is a $250 million 5 to 8-year program, designed to catalyze $2 billion in private capital, especially to underfinanced social sectors (such as education) and higher risk countries (especially low-income and post-conflict countries) around the globe, complemented by a cross-cutting inclusion of gender-lens investing. CATALYZE will provide services to many missions and bureaus that “buy in” to tap the CATALYZE investment and pay-for-results project management expertise. Our aim is for investors to explore and find commercially viable opportunities and approaches to creating jobs, developing sustainable social services, tightening and rationalizing supply chains, and advancing inclusive growth.

CATALYZE: Market Systems for Growth (MS4G) will drive private enterprise expansion to catalyze Ethiopia’s future economic growth and prosperity. MS4G intends to foster enterprise-driven growth, especially among private enterprises that have high growth potential and the capacity to catalyze job creation throughout market systems. MS4G will address systemic challenges, including building business development services capacity, creating a more conducive business environment, building the financial sector infrastructure and capability within private finance providers, and expanding the digital economy. MS4G will catalyze private sector growth by improving access to finance and facilitating transactions through targeted interventions across market systems (demand, supply, and enabling environment). Expanded access to finance will also drive change across the market system by increasing business revenue and necessitating job creation. The program has an estimated life of project funding of $55 million and is anticipated to operate for four years. MS4G will promote expansion across
agribusiness, light manufacturing, and telecommunications & ICT (including financial technology). Across all initiatives, there will be a cross-cutting focus on women and youth, as well as a focus on ensuring that disparate ethnic groups and regions equitably benefit from the interventions.

The Workforce Development Specialist will support design and implementation of job training and placement activities for MS4G, contributing to both rapid direct implementation as well as capacity building for market-led workforce skill building, and sustainable. market system transformation. This individual must be based in Addis Ababa. The Workforce Development Specialist will report to the Investment & Trade Portfolio Manager.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Expected Outcomes
The Workforce Development Specialist will:

  • Support implementation of evidence-based programmatic interventions on market-driven workforce development, private sector partnerships, and entrepreneurship;
  • Support stakeholder consultation and ownership with students/youth by facilitating as necessary engagement across the MS4G Youth Advisory Board, private sector actors, Ministry of Education, the Job Creation Commission, and others to encourage broad engagement and capacity building in youth job placement;
  • Contribute to MS4G meeting all its youth training and placement targets by providing support and assistance as designated by the Investment & Trade Portfolio Manager;
  • Under the supervision of the Investment & Trade Portfolio Manager, support job placement subawards as needed by convening periodic meetings with subawardees both individually and as a group, facilitating sharing best practices across the subawardees, and engaging with the MS4G monitoring and evaluating team to support validation of subawardee impact;
  • Support addressing the MS4G Learning Agenda on youth workforce development and communicating youth workforce development success stories and impact.

Key Responsibilities
The position requires technical knowledge of demand-led youth training and job placement, strong coordination skills, experience in Ethiopia, proven ability to multi-task, strong written and verbal communications skills, and the ability to ensure coherence and consistency while under urgent deadlines. Primarily responsibilities include:

  • Contributes to implementing project approach to enhancing local capacity for empowering youth to enter the workforce (employment and entrepreneurship);
  • Supports stakeholder consultation with youth, including the Youth Advisory Board, the business community, government ministries, civic organizations, and others to encourage broad engagement and capacity building in job placement;
  • Supports provision of technical assistance and training to build local capacity in job placement;
  • Supports development of solicitations to achieve project objectives and targets;
  • Liases with job placement subawardees;Supports development of job placement communications materials.

How to apply:

Qualified applicants can submit their cover letter along with an updated CV via email to


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