Organisation, Facilitation and Moderation of ECOSOCC Webinar-Series on Migration

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Closing date: 31 Mar 2021

Migration and human mobility are intertwined with the story of Africa. Over the course of centuries, the continent has recorded waves of migratory movements, some voluntary and others not. Cross-border movements are a daily reality in many parts of the continent where colonial boundaries have split what had historically existed as single communities into two or more contemporary nation states. Intra-African migration has significantly accelerated in the post-colonial era; due to a combination of pull factors such as economics, educational opportunities and trade, as well as push factors including political instability, armed conflict, and natural disasters such as famine and drought.
As the processes of globalization have taken root over the last few decades, there has also been a marked increase in migration from the continent towards other regions of the world. The increased rate of global migration fueled by globalization, including but by no means limited to migration from Africa, has engendered an evolving and more adversarial geopolitical landscape, placing migration firmly at the centre of contemporary policy-making including at the level of the African Union.
In recognition of the integral role that migration plays in African life, with particular regard to the economic, socio-cultural and political implications, the African Union has over the years established a number of frameworks to facilitate better migration governance within the continent and outside its borders. The most important of these is the Migration Policy Framework for Africa (MPFA); originally adopted in 2006 and revised in 2016 (adopted in 2018), which arose out of a decision of Africa Union member states to:
 develop a strategic framework for migration policy in Africa that could contribute to addressing the challenges posed by migration and to ensure the integration of migration and related issues into the national and regional agenda for security, stability, development and co-operation;

 work towards free movement of people and to strengthen intra-regional and interregional cooperation in matters concerning migration on the basis of the established processes of migration at the regional and sub-regional levels; and

 create an environment conducive to facilitating the participation of migrants, in particular those in the diaspora in the development of their own countries.

GIZ AU intends to award a contract for the following project activity to organizing, facilitating, moderating and reporting of ECOSOCC Webinar-Series on Migration for our project named Support of the African Union on Migration and Displacement (Migration).

How to apply:

Should you be interested in implementing the tasks, please send a e-mail at following address to receive the ToR and the tender docuemnts:

The submission deadline to this tender is March 30, 2021 (date of receipt at GIZ) in English language.


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