Documentation Consultant (Home-based, Ethiopia)

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
Closing date: 5 Apr 2021

About Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
ADPC is an autonomous international organization with a vision to reduce disaster and climate risk impacts on communities and countries in Asia and the Pacific by working with governments, development partners, international organizations, NGOs, civil society, private sector, media, and other key stakeholders. Established in 1986 as a technical capacity building center, ADPC has grown and diversified its expertise across social and physical sciences to support sustainable solutions for risk reduction across a broad range of specialist areas. With over 100 staff from 19 different nationalities and a wide range of professional expertise from atmospheric scientists to social scientists with experiences from all levels of engagement typically required for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Resilience (CR) in an effective manner. ADPC is a competent regional resource center and has seven thematic departments: ADPC Academy, Risk Governance, Climate Resilience, Urban Resilience, Health Risk Management, Preparedness for Response and Recovery, Geospatial Information. These are supported by Finance, Human Resources and Administration, and Strategic Planning departments. In addition to the departments, ADPC works on three cross-cutting themes: Gender and Diversity, Poverty and Livelihoods, and Regional and Transboundary Cooperation through permanent working committees. ADPC Strategy 2020 guides the organization in providing comprehensive risk reduction support to countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific. ADPC recognizes the importance of examining the linkages between disaster risk management, poverty reduction, gender equality, sustainability, rights-based approaches, climate change and regional cooperation.

ADPC is currently implementing a programs, namely “Strengthening Institutional Capacity & Preparedness for Emergency Response in Ethiopia (SIPERE) The overall programs aims to improve institutional capacity of National Disaster Risk Management Commission and key sector ministries including Agriculture and Health with financial support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). At the same time, ADPC and NDRMC is implementing th “Advancing Recovery Initiatives in Ethiopia” (ARISE) program which has provided support for the areas of strengthening Emergency Coordination mechanisms and provisions of early recovery needs in response to recent floods reported in Ethiopia. It supports integrating emergency response operations and institutional capacity, working through existing government mechanisms and organizational structures from the national to community level. The interventions are considered as a pivotal opportunity to test the effectiveness of the response systems and draw lessons that can contribute to the enhancement of the institutional capacity to manage similar emergencies in the future, while contributing to early recovery of flood-affected communities of selected regional states in Ethiopia.

Qualifications and Experience:
● Advanced qualification in any subject related to Development or Humanitarian Communications / Social
Sciences/ Social Development or any other relevant discipline from a recognized university;
● Background in Disaster Management with knowledge of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa regional
humanitarian context;
● Demonstrated working experience in the above-mentioned subjects for at least 5 years would be
● Excellent command over English and Amharic with proven ability to communicate effectively in writing
to a varied and broad audience in a simple and concise manner;
● Proven ability and experience in qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis, data collection,
case study development, high profile report writing and documentation;
● Analytical capacity and demonstrated ability to process, analyze and synthesize complex, technical
information into user-friendly formats and products; complex, technical information into user-friendly
formats and products;
● Excellent interpersonal and public relations skills and the ability to work with a team in a multi-cultural
environment are the desirable attributes for completion of this assignment;
● Experience of working with and capacity building of government structures and institutions, including
conducting programmatic assessments, After Action Reviews, evaluations etc. and application of specific
technical information in these fields.

Personal Qualities:
● Self-motivated, pro-active and takes initiatives;
● Demonstrated ability to plan, and organize work & time independently;
● High level verbal and written communication skills in English are essential;
● Excellent interpersonal skills, team-oriented work style, and experience in working in a multi-cultural

● Strong networking capacity and understanding of development work at national and regional levels;
● Strong desires to learn, undertake new challenges, must be a creative problem-solver, and must have
● Willingness to work hard, good sense of humor but with seriousness about the quality and excellence of

Purpose of the assignment:
The consultant will engage in the development of project documentation on good practices, lessons
identified and promising practices from the SIPERE and ARISE programs. The following specific activities will
be conducted by the consultant for this purpose:
• Consultation and gathering of information from national and local level stakeholders engaged in the
• Develop short case stories on key achievement areas of SIPERE institutional capacity enhancement,
response and coordination interventions which have been implemented.
• Document outcomes of After Action Review (AAR) workshop to be organized on analysis of process
and practices of the 2020-2021 complex emergency, including Afar region flood, response with
special emphasis on the ARISE program implementation.
• Develop process documentation capturing the overall institutional capacity enhancement, response
and early recovery initiatives of the government for both programs;
The consultant is expected to craft the above outputs into appropriate forms of knowledge products and
published materials that will be enriched with findings from various project documents and consultation with
the project stakeholders to ensure relevance and accuracy of the content.

Duties and Responsibilities:
● Prepare methods and tools including questionnaire, checklists for KII and FGD and guide for observations
for data collection and analysis in consultation with the program staff involving NDRMC and ADPC.
● Carry out consultations and key informant interviews, focused group discussions, and observation both
at national field operations in target regions to capture good practices and lessons for the future.
● Capture relevant photographs and videos to be included in the lesson documentations and case studies.
● Develop short case studies on selected topics of SIPERE key interventions.
● Develop and document process, lesson and good practices on the ARISE and SIPERE interventions
implemented in collaboration government structures and community stakeholders
● Take recording of stakeholders After Action Review workshop of ARISE 2020-2021 for Afar region flood
and complex emergency response and produce standard proceedings.
● Prepare final documents in ready to print format in English.

Key deliverables:
● Case study on enhancement of ICT infrastructure etc. under SIPERE
● Process documents with lessons identified and best practices on the SIPERE program interventions e.g.

ECC strengthening at national and regional levels, DRR Sectoral Mainstreaming.
● Process document with lessons identified and best practices on the ARISE Afar region flood response
● After Action Review (AAR) report on the ARISE Afar region flood response 2020-2021

Reporting Relationship:
In performing the duties and responsibilities indicated above, the consultant will be supervised by ADPC
Country Program Manager and work in close coordination with ADPC Bangkok level Senior Program
Manager, ADPC country office and NDRMC staff in Ethiopia..

How to apply:

How to apply:
Interested Candidates can submit the completed ADPC application form (downloadable from or ADPC Website ),
resume, copy of degrees/certificate(s), and relevant portfolio of work together with a cover letter to within 05 April 2021 at midnight Bangkok time.

Candidates should also indicate an estimate quotation of their professional fee (daily rate) in US Dollar amount (applicable taxes inclusive) for this assignment.

Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

ADPC encourages diversity in its workplace and supports an inclusive work environment.


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