Consultancy - Developing a Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: African Child Policy Forum
Closing date: 15 Feb 2021


The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) is an independent, not-for-profit Pan-African centre of policy research and advocacy on the African child. Registered as an NGO and located in Addis Ababa, ACPF’s work is inspired by universal human rights values and guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the child. ACPF aims to contribute to improved knowledge on children in Africa; monitor and report progress on child rights and wellbeing; identify and advocate for law and policy options; provide an Africa wide platform for dialogue. Collaboration with governments, inter-governmental organisations and CSOs in the development and implementation of child laws, policies and programmes across the continent is core to delivering impact. Committed to internationalism, ACPF provides an African perspective to global discourses on child rights.

Since establishment in 2003 ACPF has implemented three five-year strategic frameworks, most recently from 2016-2020. Now ACPF is launching a process to develop its next five-year strategic plan, 2022-2026. This strategy plan development process will primarily be an ACPF exercise, internally-driven but widely inclusive of our partners and friends of African children, supported by an independent external consultant.


This assignment seeks to develop a five-year Strategy Plan for 2022-2026, to help ACPF to:

· Strengthen its niche and influence, thus position it as a leader in contributing to “An Africa fit for children” in a dynamic socio-economic and political landscape

· Define the overall organisational priorities and focus,

· Synthesise our success, lessons learnt, ways of working and leverage on this to reorient progammes towards greater synergy in programme delivery

· Strengthen partnerships, networks and ability to identify and seize emerging opportunities

· Renew its operational, human resource and financial capabilities with a view to enhance the resource base and operational efficiency


The assignment will have programmatic and organisational capacity development components. It will involve, among others, the following activities:

· Reviewing and auditing the extent of implementation of just-concluded strategic framework, 2016-2020, its results and impact

· Undertaking an organisational SWOT Analysis, including an assessment of the child-rights programmatic landscape and trends

· Assessing institutional capacity, set-up, financial and governance systems and procedures

· Undertaking a mapping of ACPF’s technical and funding partners and their priorities

· Guiding the articulation of organisational values and norms that inspire ACPF

· Developing a theory of change

· Developing priorities, key focus areas, strategic objectives and key result areas, identifying corresponding strategies for achieving them and designing a results monitoring framework.

· Developing a resource framework that will guide resource mobilization and drive the successful implementation of the strategic plan



· Facilitate internal workshop(s) to undertake an audit of the just-concluded strategic framework, for an organisational SWOT analysis and capacity assessment

· Conduct consultations with ACPF staff, selected Board members and key implementing, technical and funding partners

· Present preliminary outlines to selected staff and Board members

· Consultations will be done face-to face, virtually, through telephone or online surveys.

Document review

· Review ACPF’s internal documents such as previous strategic frameworks, draft project concept notes, programme documents, evaluation reports, OCD reports, etc.

· Review external partner’s documents to select issues where have filled real gaps and hence identify critical areas of intervention for ACPF to pursue

· Review strategic frameworks of partners, both funding and technical, existing and potential, for the coming years with a view to identifying common areas of interest and making efforts towards possible alignment.


· Report on the process including stakeholder consultations and workshops

· An organisational SWOT analysis report

· A theory of change, a results and resources framework

· A report on the results of the audit of the just-ended strategic framework

· An organisational capability assessment report

· A comprehensive strategic framework 2022-2026




Internal reflection

· Facilitating a two-day internal workshop to undertake an audit of strategic framework 2016-2020, organizational SWOT Analysis, Capability Assessment and values articulation


Document Review

· Reviewing internal documents such as past strategic plans, programme documents, Organisational capacity reports, evaluation reports, etc.

· Reviewing external partner’s documents, including a review of funding and technical partners strategic frameworks, existing and potential


Consultations with partners

· Conducting consultations with partners and selected ACPF staff and selected Board members- face-to face or through skypes and telephone calls



· Conducting a short online survey to gather information from key partners


· Putting together first draft (output is draft 1)


· Draft 1 to be reviewed by ACPF


· Draft 1 to be revised by consultant (output is draft 2)


· Draft 2 to be reviewed by the selected Board members and Executive Director


· Draft to be revised by consultant (output is draft 3)


· Draft 3 to be reviewed by ED


· Draft 3 to be further reviewed by consultant and Final submitted



The applicant is expected to have at least a master’s degree in a relevant field in the area of organisational planning, public policy, human rights, development studies or related fields. He/she is also expected to have:

o Excellent knowledge of strategic planning, organizational assessment and development planning

o Proven track record in developing strategic plans, results-based and change management

o Excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication and writing skills

o Track record of working on development, social justice and human rights in the African context

o Experience in facilitating stakeholder engagements and workshops

o Experience working with African organisations

o Sufficient exposure to financial and administrative and human resource management issues

How to apply:

Interested and qualified candidates should submit an applications and financial proposal to ACPF through with subject “Strategic Plan 2022-2026”.

Application deadline 15 February 2021

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