Support to AU on implementation of MPFA M&E Framework, including data collection & analysis, drafting of the Migration Progress Report & design of IS

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Closing date: 22 Jan 2021

Invitation to Bid

Reference No. 83372664

GIZ – AU Migration and Displacement Project would like to invite all interested bidders/consulting firms who are eligible to participate in this open tender, are herewith requested to submit their proposals to “Support to the African Union on the implementation of the MPFA M&E Framework, including data collection and analysis, drafting of the Migration Progress Report and design of a database/information system.”.

Interested bidders who fulfill the following criteria, can request the detailed tender documents via an email address starting from Friday, January 8th 2021.

Tasks to be performed by the consultant:

The scope of work for the Consultant will be to help the AU implement specific measures of the MPFA M&E Framework, more specifically the production of the 1st Migration Progress Report and the design of a data base/information system to support ongoing monitoring and reporting processes related to the MPFA M&E Framework.

The assignment will be conducted in close collaboration with the AU CCM and will specifically include the following:

i. Data collection and analysis;

Based on selected indicators for the 1st Migration progress Report, and in close collaboration with AU CCM focal points

· Design data collection tools (documentary analysis and survey) for selected indicators

· Exploit relevant data sources, namely state reports, report from RECs, reports from AUC and other stakeholders and collect data on targeted topics, including but not limited to migration governance, displacement, diaspora, remittances, human rights, gender, etc.

· Identify potential case studies/best practices in line with the relevant indicators

· Use the reporting template to document results on the indicated themes

ii. Drafting of the Migration Progress Report;

In close collaboration with the Department of Social Affairs (DSA) and AU CCM focal points

· Draft the various sections of the Migration Progress Report based on data collected and information provided by AU CCM focal points

· Submit a 1st draft of the report to the AU CCM and gather comments and feedback

· Prepare and submit the 2nd draft of the report for validation by the AU CCM

· Review the report and submit a final draft to DSA for subsequent steps

iii. Design of a data base/information system;

In close collaboration with DSA and Directorate of Strategic Planning, Policy, Monitoring, Evaluation and Resource Mobilisation (SPPMERM)

· Consult various stakeholders on the opportunities and constraints to design and implement a (online) database/information system for the MPFA M&E Framework (linked to the AMERT),

· Draft a report with concrete steps to update the current AMERT and/or design intermediary tools in order to automatically collect and gather information and data for the MPFA M&E Framework

· Present the steps to AUC focal points and leadership for review and validation

· Upon request from the AUC and GIZ, support the relevant department/division in implementing the necessary steps (design of tools, etc.)

Number of workdays and period of assignment:

  • Number of workdays: 40
  • Period of assignment: From 10 February 2021 until 30 September 2021.

Required Personnel Concept and Qualifications:

The consulting firm should have the following qualifications:

Short-term expert pool with minimum 2, maximum 3 members

Qualifications of the short-term expert pool

  • Education/training (2.6.1): (minimum) 1 expert with university qualification (German ‘Diplom’/Master) in international development, public policy management or any related field, (minimum) 1 expert with university qualification in project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning or related field (German ‘Diplom’/Master)
  • Language (2.6.2): experts with very good language skills in English, good language skills in French is required. Ability to speak other AU official languages will be an added advantage;
  • General professional experience (2.6.3): at least ten years’ experience in the development and implementation of M&E frameworks, baseline development and reporting, support systems for M&E
  • Specific professional experience (2.6.4): (minimum) 1 expert with at least 5 previous experiences in support to implementation of M&E frameworks, baseline setting and reporting processes for international/regional organisations in consultations with various stakeholders; (minimum) 1 expert with at least 5 previous experiences in advisory services and/or capacity building for international/regional organisations on strategic design, RBM and M&E ideally including the AUC, AU Member States and RECs; Specific previous RBM experience in the field of migration and migration related topics as well as capacity building on the African continent would be an added advantage; Ability to interact with senior officials (Government officials and representatives of multilateral and bilateral agencies);
  • Regional experience (2.6.5): 2 experts with at least 5 years of experience in Africa (region),
  • Other (2.6.7): Previous working experiences with the AUC, RECs particularly with the MPFA and MPFA related topics, Experience in similar assignments would be an added advantage; good oral and written skills.

How to apply:

· All bids must be delivered/submitted through the email address at or before 4:30 PM (GMT+3) on Friday, 22nd of January 2021.

All bids must include technical and financial offers. Technical and financial offers have to be separate.

· Offers shall be as per the issued tender document.

· The financial offer should list the daily fees charged for this contract. Financial offer shall be as per the bid sheet template of GIZ and signed and stamped by the bidder.

· The technical offer should include the approach taken by the consulting firm and showcase its previous work in the areas listed above.

· GIZ – AU Migration and Displacement Project reserves the right to cancel the bid fully or partially.


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