Consultancy for the development of Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan

Country: Ethiopia
Organization: International Labour Organization
Closing date: 23 Nov 2020

Request for proposal

Gender Equality and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan for the Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization in Ethiopia Programme


Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization in Ethiopia Programme is a comprehensive and coordinated ILO response to a need expressed by the Ethiopian constituents and other key industry stakeholders to advance decent work and inclusive industrialization in the garment and textile industry and other key priority sectors identified in the development strategy of the country.

The garment and textile industry employees are overwhelmingly young women (in some cases almost 90% of the factory workforce) from the rural areas. Most of the women workers are new not only to formal employment but also to the regions or location where they are working and living. While making up the majority of the workforce in sector, women often encounter gender –discrimination, are under-represented in the leadership structures and management of garment factories. Improving factory policies, procedures and practice and implementation of International Labour Standard that promote gender equality and incorporation of the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination, diversity, and inclusion and empowering women and protection of their rights are keys for the success of the garment and textile industry.

In view of this, the ILO, in collaboration with key stakeholders, plans to implement a gender mainstreaming strategy and action plan to promote gender equality, promotion of women workers rights, women’s empowerment, and inclusion through factory-level services, engagement with brands and manufacturers, research, and policy influencing at national and international levels.

Purpose of the assignment

The key objective of the assignment is to develop a gender and inclusion strategy and action plan for advancing decent work and inclusive industrialization programme.

Qualifications and Experience

The ILO will engage a lead consultant. The lead consultant is expected to have team members with demonstrable expertise in socio-economic analysis, gender analysis, international development, public policy and development, law, journalism, or other relevant fields to the assignment, or equivalent in experience.

The team must have:

· A strong background in gender and inclusion, legal framework, labour administration, private sector, labour landscape in Ethiopia.

· Familiarity with global supply chains and the garment sector, ILO/Better Work’s service model, the ILO and its constituents is preferred.

· Strong experience in formulating strategies and action plan. Attach sample assignments on the areas related to this assignment while making the application. **

· An outstanding analytical, writing, presentation and facilitation skills with a wide range of stakeholders.

· Experience consulting in the UN systems is an added advantage.


· Duration of the assignment will be for 4 months. Starting from signing of the contract

How to apply:

Application process

  1. Interested candidates should request the detailed request for proposal (RFP) by emailing until 15 November, 2020.

  2. Interested applicant shall submit their technical and financial proposal before 23 November 2020 in the manner specified in the detail request for approval.

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