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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Social Impact (SI) Inc.

Social Impact (SI) is a US- based international development management consulting firm. SI’s mission is to improve the effectiveness of international development programs in improving people’s lives. We provide a full range of management consulting, technical assistance, and training services to strengthen international development programs, organizations, and policies. We provide services globally in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, project and program design, organizational capacity building, and gender and social analysis.  



USAID/Ethiopia requested Social Impact/EPMES to conduct a Secondary Cities Assessment. The aim of the Assessment is to identify Ethiopia’s dynamic and investment-ready secondary cities that can serve as urban anchors for surrounding rural and urban areas. Additionally, the Assessment is expected to help USAID/Ethiopia to target and design USAID investment and program initiatives to have the greatest collective and compounded impact.

Position Description:

Social Impact, through its EPMES Activity, is seeking to recruit on a short-term basis, Data Collection Consultant(s) who will collect primarily secondary data (primary data if needed) in either soft or hard copy from different government and non-government organizations.  The Data Collector(s) will work under the supervision of the EPMES Assessment Team member responsible to coordinate and manage the data collection activity. The number of days for data collection is expected to be approximately 23 working days but will be finalized after the number of indicators and associated offices to be visited for data collection during this Assessment has been agreed on.

The Data Collector will be responsible for:

  • Understanding the type of data to be collected.

  • Arranging time with organizations/offices to identify contact persons and suitable day/time for data collection.

  • Physically visit Government and non-government offices identified in the SOW and other offices that may be identified later in due course of the data collection period.

  • Request the needed data from the GoE office / point of contact for the Assessment and follow-up on all requests until the data has been obtained.

  • Check the quality and completeness of data

  • Submit the dataset in hard or soft copy to the EPMES assigned person.

    Key Skills

  • Experience with secondary and primary data collection

  • Experience with USAID-funded programs

  • Experience interfacing with GoE offices

  • Preferably good understanding of socio-demographic and economic indicators

  • Diplomacy, respect and tact in way of interfacing with GoE officials especially during the difficulties associated with CV-19 restrictions

    Key qualifications are:

  • Master's degree or above required

  • Minimum of 8 years' work experience with USAID, UN or other international donor-funded M&E or implementation programs in Ethiopia

  • Must speak and write good Amharic and English

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