Human Resource Manager

Akaki Kality, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tsinu Plc.

Job title

Human Resource Manager

Reports to

General Manager



Duties and responsibilities

  • Assesses and determines the training needs and manpower requirements of the company in conjunction with other departments.
  • Controls and coordinates recruitment, testing, selection, placement, training, and promotion transfer and employee development programs.
  • Confers with workers' representatives to settle labor disputes, and coordinates collective agreement negotiations.
  • Assists and advises other managers on the interpretation of personnel policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that the company vehicles and fixed assets are registered according to approved policies and procedures and that periodic checking of their physical condition is done.
  • Ensures that proper safety and security measures are installed to protect the property of the company.
  • Establishes and maintains policies and procedures for recruitment, transfer, promotion, and other matters relating to the effective development of personnel of the institution and direct the execution of the same.
  • Ensure fair administration of personal in relation to recruitment, placement classification, pay scheme, labor relations, etc. in accordance with approved policies and procedures of the institution.
  • Develops and implements appropriate strategies for employment and placement of the right type of personnel, develop their potential, and retain them.
  • Ensures the development and acquisition of trained manpower to meet the Company’s short term and long-range plans through fresh recruitment and training.
  • Ensures conformance with the provision of the labor law and the collective agreement of the Company the administration of both permanent and temporary employees.
  • Ensures the provision of printing, communications, and maintenance, custodial and janitorial services of the Company.
  • Ensures the provision of adequate medical care at the clinical level to all employees, monitoring payment of hospital and pharmacy bills, reviews, and recommends contractual agreements with Medical centers and pharmacies.
  • Develops and implements and coordinates staff training programs as appropriate.
  • Ensures the maintenance of personnel records for all employees. Administers handle correspondence and record keeping.
  • Follow up and ensure periodic performance evaluation of all employees and apply proper administrative measures based on performance results.
  • Prepares annual work programs and budgets for the Department.
  • Arrange a program to conduct employee performance reviews and report the result to top management.
  • Design and implement performance-based employee recognition programs.
  • Provide insight and recommendations on HR initiatives that can be leveraged to strengthen business results e.g. leadership/development programs.
  • Design special training & coaching programs for the management team on all people's leadership matters, including business change and transformation.
  • Deliver and report on the annual employee engagement survey to ensure feedback from employees is collated and interpreted correctly to help improve employee engagement.
  • Monitor, measure, and report on   HR   issues,   opportunities, and   development  plans   and achievements within agreed formats and timescales

Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the General Manager.


Qualification & Experience


Education required: BA degree or higher in Human Resource Management or General Management,

Experience required: 6-8 years in administration/HR, in addition, 2 years as department head,

Computer literate: Microsoft Office (Word & Excel); ability to learn new software


  • Up to date knowledge of employment law.
  • The ability to originate and lead organizational strategies in HR.
  • Experience in developing HR policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance
  • Excellent verbal, written communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team and take on new tasks with a high level of difficulty.

Performance Goals

  • Ensures effective utilization and maximum development of human resources.
  • Identifies and satisfies the needs of individuals.
  • Achieves and maintains high morale among employees.
  • Provides the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees.

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