Planning Specialist - Hair Category

Remote (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) Unilever Ethiopia

Main Job Purpose

Has overall responsibility for the quality of the demand and Supply planning process of the Category and the quality of resultant numbers. The role manages key forecasting and Supply planning processes in conjunction with Customer Development, Marketing, Finance and related functions within Supply Chain to ensure delivery of financial targets by minimizing inaccuracy & bias.


Job Summary


Demand Planning

  • Manage the demand planning process for the relevant category for 0 – 3 months, in weekly buckets with SKU detail; by product family by month for 4-24 months and focusing on eliminating bias and improving forecast accuracy.

  • Provides input into company wide demand planning processes & continuous improvement initiatives in this area.

  • Attend CAP (customer activity plan) meetings for each national account and customer groups in Local Chain and GT.

  • Coordinate integration of activity plans coming from CD,COM and BB on top of baseline to produce unconstrained demand

  • Responsible for the creation of baseline forecast

  • Highlight risk and opportunities in sales volume based on statistical analyses, activity evaluations and CD feedback.

  • Develop and refine the forecasting process, models and tools leading to improved accuracy.

  • Responsible for generating and improving the demand forecasts for the business by using a range of methods, including base forecasting.

  • Complexity Management – regularly review SKU portfolio with extended teams (customer, finance and supply chain) and make appropriate recommendations

  • Coordinate with local Brand Building and Customer Marketing teams on innovation and promotion plans & forecast, respectively

  • Manage and report all the KPI’s selected for category team scorecards (Bias, inaccuracy, volume-NPS channel based, OOS levels, etc)


    Supply Planning

  • Ensure effective running of Requisition to payments (R-2-P) cycle.

  • Establish and sustain collaborative/ productive relationship with Unilever & 3P Suppliers

  • Responsible for Distribution Requirement planning for FG.

  • Responsible for running stock modelling for RM,PM, and FG

  • Responsible for the rough cut capacity plan and ensure that adequate investments are done to secure the required customer service level. This is in accordance to RCDSR

  • Plan production according to the market requirements and maintain a live and valid master production schedule

  • Optimize the production plan by implementation of the production run strategy to ensure high level of customer service

  • Lead innovations across the site

  • Construct project networks and lead teams from local and regional teams to ensure perfect implementation of innovations

  • Ensure that site contingency plan is live and maintained

  • Manage Working capital targets of site to agreed management levels


    Materials Planning

  • Run of the MRP(material requirement planning) of packaging, raw for the site

  • Maintain Master Data integrity in the system

  • Run up/ run down of all materials in times of innovations/promotions to ensure limited business waste and on time availability of new materials

  • Maintain lines of communications with suppliers and supply management on the performance of suppliers

  • Implement the supply management strategy on suppliers (new suppliers, delisting of suppliers)

  • Optimize the forecast and order process between the factory and the suppliers (E4US)

Job Requirements
  • 3-5 Years in Supply Chain Operations

  • Planning experience; supply & demand planning

  • Exposure to Order to Cash, Procure to Pay cycle

  • Budgeting & Planning

  • Cross Functional Business Understanding

  • FMCG experience

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