Production Manager

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Unilever Ethiopia
Main Job Purpose
To operate Factory unit to agreed performance standards. As  the Fist Line Manager (FLM), the role provides a common standard of communication and engagement across the factory.  They liaise closely with the core factory functions, including Manufacturing, HR, Quality and Safety to achieve this.  
Job Summary
  • The FLM is a management professional with a good technical understanding of manufacturing, general or chemical engineering or food technology.  FLMs have proficient mechanical skills and display excellent personal qualities. 
  • The FLM provides the governance function for a cluster of semi-autonomous teams, delivering management and leadership support for performance monitoring, overtime allocation, working patterns and dispute resolution. 
  • The FLM retains responsibility for the Technical and Basic Operators within the semi-autonomous team, but is not involved in the day to day team management beyond the monitoring and performance management role. 
  • Leading improvement projects for operational processes, FLMs have a strong understanding of the end to end manufacturing process.  This includes the chemical and electro-mechanical processes and controls.  
  • She/he is able to interpret technical diagnostics, identify key issues and process risks.  FLMs possess the leadership skills to act with speed and rigor.  
  • She/he understands the factory’s financial situation and use their training in WCM methodologies and IP processes to drive the semi-autonomous team’s work to counter losses and eradicate waste.  
  • They lead project work to support factory initiatives.  Skills for problem solving, coaching and innovating are central to the role.   
Key Requirements 
  • Previous manufacturing people-leadership experience  
  • Experience in HAZOPs and Safety approval systems (e.g. SIMAS) 
  • Knowledge of MS Office, SAP & SCADA 
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Planning and organizing 
  • Co-ordination and control 


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