Finance and Admin Officer

22, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia New Printing Company

Job Title: Finance and Admin Officer

Job Type: Permanent

Description: We are a new printing company headquartered in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, passionate about providing quality customer catered services. Our company invested in modern high speed and high-quality machineries and people to deliver the right product to its customers. Our company is looking forward to hiring a Finance and Admin Officer on a full-time basis.

Job Description
- Oversee all company financial activities. 
- Track the company's financial status and performance to identify areas for potential improvement. 
- Conduct profit and cost analyses
- Ensure all accounting activities and internal audits comply with financial regulations and legislation of Ethiopia
- Recommend cost-reducing solutions
- Review financial data and prepare monthly and annual reports. 
- Manage inventory counts.
- Experience with accounting softwares and POS systems.
- Recruit, support and develop human talent through developing policies and managing procedures. 
- Lead the company by example creating the best work environment.
- Be actively involved in recruitment by preparing job descriptions, posting advertisements, interviewing and managing the hiring process.
- Assist in performance management processes.
- Support the management of disciplinary and grievance issues.
- Review employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance.
- Direct all purchasing processes evaluating suppliers and managing vendor contracts. 
- Meets company attendance standards by reporting to work punctually and working all scheduled hours and any required overtime.
- Constantly monitor what the company purchases, delivers and spends always choosing quality merchandise. 
- Communicate job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising and reviewing job contributions
- Plan and review compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures
- Analyze process workflow, employee and space requirements and equipment layout; implement changes; develop processes for receiving product, equipment utilization, inventory management and shipping

- Establish contracts and pricing and ensuring proper maintenance and serving as primary liaison with utilities and local government agencies, such as fire, police, health and safety agencies
- Manage relationships with key operations vendors
- Track vendor pricing, rebates and service levels
- Review and approve all operational invoices and ensure they are submitted for payment
- Serve as primary point of contact when there are customer issues related to equipment quality, customer service, or accidents and mishaps on-site. In particular, this includes any issues on-site at client facilities, such as breaking a fence or tape residue on flooring
- Work closely with the GM and management team to set and/or implement

Educational background and Requirements 
- Bachelor’s or Advanced degree in accounting or finance. 
- 5+ years’ work experience in a similar field.
- Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
- Deep understanding of business principles and practices. 
- Superior attention to detail and problem-solving skills. 
- Ability to work under pressure.
- Good working knowledge of Word, Excel, and Outlook as well as accounting and accounts preparation software. 
- Multi-tasking abilities; integrity, honesty.


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