Regional Finance Coordinator

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Education Development Center Regional Finance CoordinatorBahir Dar, EthiopiaFull-timeCompany Description About EDCEDC is a global nonprofit organization that designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic opportunity. Working with public sector and private partners, we harness the power of people and systems to improve education, health promotion and care, workforce preparation, communications technologies, and civic engagement.  Founded in 1958, EDC’s headquarters are located in Waltham MA, USA. We also have offices in New York City and Washington, DC, USA.  EDC implements projects in over 35 countries.Project DescriptionThe five-year READ II project, funded by USAID, will boost the quality of literacy instruction and student support, reaching out to children at risk of failure and dropout caused by cognitive, emotional and physical effects of hunger, violence, and displac…

በድጋሚ የወጣ ክፍት የስራ ማስታወቂያ- ሞተረኛ

Remote (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) Awach SACCOS

  የት/ ደረጃ - 10+ ፡ የሞተር መንጃ ፍቃድ እና 3ኛ ደረጃ መንጃ ፍቃድ ያለው

 የስራ ልምድ - 1-3 ዓመት በሞተርና በሹፍርና ልምድ ያለው

ብዛት - በስራ መደቡ አንድ



 ከላይ የተመለከተውን መመዘኛ የሚያሟሉ አመልካቾች አግባብ ያለው የትምህርትና የስራ ልምድ ማስረጃ ዋናውንና ከማይመለስ ፎቶ ኮፒ ጋር በመያዝ በዋናው ቢሮ የሰው ሀብት አስተዳደር ክፍል መመዝገብ ትችላላችሁ. የመመዝገቢያ ቀን ማስታወቂያው ከወጣበት ቀን ጀምሮ ባሉት 5 ተከታታይ የስራ ቀናት-ከሰኞ - አርብ ከጠዋት 2.00 ሰዓት - ከምሽቱ 11.00 ሰዓት ቅዳሜ ከጠዋቱ 2.00 ሰዓት -6.00 ሰዓት ባለው ቀናት


አድራሻችን፡ አዲስ አበባ አዋሬ እነሳሮ ጫፍ ከዜማ ፈርኒቸር ዝቅ ብሎ በሚገኘው የአጋር ህንጻ- የአዋጭ ////የተ/መሠ/የህ/ማህበር ዋና ቢሮ

         ስልክ -0111260506/0118124212

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