Lodge Manager

Remote (Turmi, Ethiopia) Green Land Tours & Hotels PLC

Develop excellent management, time management, interpersonal skills, and good interpersonal skills.

Keep a very close eye on every aspect of the business such as kitchen, service, cleaning, maintenance, front desk, accounting system,  etc and talk with staff in all areas.

Need to become a good communicator and to actively seek information about what’s going on in the hotel, the industry, and in the wider society.

Continually monitor guest satisfaction, and deal with the many problems that arise in the hotel.

Establish and maintain relations with others working in hospitality, tourism, the media and the community in order to promote the hotel and also, to keep abreast of issues, trends, and possibilities that can affect the hotel business.

Ensure that the hotel meets the needs of its users or clients.

Ensure that the hotel and its services (for example, function rooms, restaurant) are marketed and promoted.

Ensure the care, comfort, satisfaction and goodwill of the guest or customer.

Plan and manage the business for present, short term and long term success.

Ensure that the hotel is well-maintained, safe, and clean and generally meets expected standards.

Ensure that booking, reservation and other selling processes are efficient and effective.

Recruit, introduce, train and supervise staffs.

Delegate and schedule tasks and responsibilities.

Control quality, which includes regular inspections.

Establish and monitor procedures.

Establish and communicate standards.

Ensure staff and client safety and wellbeing.

Select supplies or suppliers (linens, equipment, food etc).

Increase staff productivity.

Ensure that all information of confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not revealed to third parties.

Promote the business and its services.

Update, renovate or redecorate the building or rooms.

Focus on developing and consistently reflecting a high degree of professionalism.

Pay attention to dress, hair, makeup (all of which should be understated, simple and neat) at all times and mainly the dressing of the hotel uniforms by the waiters, barman, cook, receptionist, security guards, and others.

Do the job (whatever it is) to his/her best of ability at all times; be polite, respectful and truthful to colleagues, superiors and guests; be scrupulously honest; listen carefully, and do not be afraid to suggest improvements or to identify areas needing improvement; greet guests, colleagues and superiors by name where possible; and so on.

Keep track of what’s happening in the hotel (such as what groups are arriving, special visitors, seasonal variations, or special events), and get to know the layout and sections of the hotel, and what is offered as well identify advancement opportunities, direct guests to different parts of the hotel.

Maintaining statistical and financial records.

Setting and achieving plan and budget as well as sales and profit targets.

Planning work schedules for individuals and teams.

Meeting and greeting customers as well as dealing with customer complaints and comments.

Hold regular performance appraisals with all staff, identifying areas for development and training needs, and ensuring that this training is effected.

Ensure that fair discipline is effected.

Ensure that the causes of staff grievances are investigated and the appropriate action taken.

Addressing problems and troubleshooting.

Supervising maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings.

Dealing with contractors and suppliers.

Ensuring security is effective.

Ensuring compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and other statutory regulations.

Responsible for the entire hotel operation.

Managing and motivating the entire hotel staffs.

Responsible for evaluating the clients comment sheets.

Check, control and sign all supplies and delivery notes.

Responsible for the correct handling of all Food and Beverage stock, as well as all available equipment in the hotel.

Responsible for impeccable cleanness, hygiene and tidiness in all areas of the hotel.

Setting up of written duty schedules for all housekeeping staff, as well as others.

Responsible for cost controlling and adherence to all budget figures.

Responsible for all stock checks and inventories in the hotel.

Responsible for the adherence to the staff training program.

Active presence in the galley and restaurant during meal times.

Continuous caring for and looking after clients.

Ensure that attendance registers are kept daily and that any absenteeism is immediately brought to the attention of the Hotel Manager.

Ensure that all staff are fully informed in respect of disciplinary procedures, the handling of grievances, etc.

Ensure that all documents are sent to the appropriate accounts department immediately for processing.

Responsible for the well-being of all clients.

Handle complaint according to the hotel’s policy.

Organization and realization of special occasions

Responsible for a smooth flow of information and the adherence to the chain of command.

Responsible for the hotel cash and cash book.

Responsible for the correct listing of outgoing invoices.

Carry out any other duties given by the immediate supervisor

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