Programme Officer

Programme Officer

Addis Ababa Irish Aid

Irish Aid is the Government of Ireland’s official programme of development assistance. Ireland’s bilateral programme in Ethiopia is managed by the Irish Aid team at the Embassy of lreland. The overall goal of our programme is to promote pro-poor growth and poverty reduction through building resilience to social, economic or environmental stresses and shocks. Tackling hunger and undernutrition, improving maternal health, strengthening civil society, the facilitation of legal aid services, supporting improved governance and addressing violence against women and girls, supporting livelihoods to respond to the challenge of climate change and working with the most vulnerable through social protection programmes.

Through its partners, the Governance team within Irish Aid provides financial and capacity development support to the civil society sector as well as Government and multi-lateral partners in support of inclusive national development, including through improved governance and accountability in the delivery of basic services. Irish Aid is itself an active participant of key donor and multi-stakeholder fora advancing civil society and governance issues.
The Governance team also works with other colleagues in the Embassy, mainstreaming good governance as a cross-cuffing issue across the Irish Aid programme.

Programme Officer

Irish Aid is recruiting a Governance Programme Officer to support the work of the Governance team.
Areas of responsibility of Irish Aid Programme Officers include ensuring that all funding partnerships are managed in line with best practice for Project Cycle Management and Irish Aid’s commitment to management for results, the provision of technical support to partners, and coordination and representational duties as and when required.
The Programme Officer will report to the Irish Aid Senior Governance Programme Manager. The Programme Officer will be based in the Embassy of Ireland in Addis Ababa but will be expected to participate in regular field monitoring of all governance sector programmes.
  • A bachelor level degree in an area relevant to social development (e.g. Development Studies, Political Science, Law, Human Rights etc.)
  • 3 years of experience in project cycle management including: procurement processes; financial management of budgets and disbursements; audit; M&E; and information management.
  • Knowledge and experience of the operating framework for civil society in Ethiopia.
  • Knowledge and experience in actions promoting good governance, accountability and development including civil society roles, economic governance, conflict mitigation/ resolution, Human Rights etc.
  • A willingness and ability to travel frequently, often to remote areas.
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Amharic.
  • Good communication and negotiation skills, with an aptitude for external representation and networking.
  • Excellent computer skills including on Outlook, Word, Excel and Power point.

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