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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ethiopia: Logistics Management & Operations Officer (Shipping Expert)

Ethiopia: Logistics Management & Operations Officer (Shipping Expert)

Organization: CTG
Country: Ethiopia
Closing date: 14 Jan 2019

Overview of CTG:

  • CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world. With past performance in 15 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South America – we offer a holistic fabric of project management, implementation and support. Skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we have the ability to act quickly (crisis response teams can be on the ground in 24 hours) and to establish structured operations in high-risk environments. CTG recruit and manage qualified, skilled teams with extensive experience operating in challenging conditions.

Overview of the position:

  • Over the years, Ethiopia has faced numerous challenges with the inefficient management of goods moving through its supply chain. Being a landlocked country with limited corridors for import & export of goods, including humanitarian relief, Ethiopia has been lacking adequate logistics management systems, good infrastructure & key skills in the logistic sector. Faced with a need to sustain double-digit economic growth rates that have been seen over the past decade, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) recognizes the criticality of an improved logistics sector in order to become a Middle Income Country by 2025. To sustain its development trajectory envisioned for 2025, the GoE has been working with several development partners to identify gaps, constraints & potential areas of development for an effective and efficient logistics system.
  • Following these assessments & through alignment with the GoE’s priorities as laid out in key strategic documents (the 2018 Ethiopia Humanitarian & Disaster Resilience Plan & the 2015 National Freight Logistics Strategy for Ethiopia), the following priorities for improvement in supply chain have been identified: congested entry ports, storage infrastructure, emergency preparedness, commodity management, tracking, food quality control & supply chain information management.
  • In this context, our client has developed targeted initiatives to help strengthen the GoE’s supply chain capacity in these priority areas over a five-year period, in conformity with their global & country strategic objectives.
  • Our client works closely with the Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority (EMAA), within the Ministry of Transport, to identify congestion issues at the Port of Djibouti, assess & compare alternate ports & corridors to alleviate congestion & lower costs. They are looking to employ a Shipping & Logistics Expert who are tasked to carry out assessments of systems & processes causing inefficiencies & advice on strategic interventions.

Role objective:

The Logistics/Shipping Expert will need to embody a unique set of skills that range from experience in port operations as well as logistics, in order to take a holistic approach, as the entire corridor must be considered for a landlocked country.

The Logistics/Shipping Expert will be responsible for ensuring that the project is progressed to an acceptable standard & to the highest quality in accordance with the agreement between our client and the EMAA as well as other relevant govt. authorities. The Expert will act as a focal point for the advisory role & consulting position to the management of the EMAA & provide solutions that will alleviate the bottlenecks along the Djibouti - Ethiopia corridor caused by congestion at the port, which will include strengthening alternate port operations & corridors. The Expert shall make regular visits to the Djibouti ports, as well as alternate ports (i.e. Sudan, Berbera, Massawa, Assab), for training purposes & to carry out assessments.

The Expert shall implement all work in accordance with the requirements of client’s logistics/shipping manual & any other tasks that may be assigned from time to time. Other task to be carried out are mentioned below:

  • Meet regularly with Director General of EMAA & other EMAA officials.
  • Prioritize the implementation of the National Logistics Strategy.
  • Respond to requests for research & facilitation of logistics activities (i.e. recruitment, IT support, data gathering & analysis).
  • Support the Ethiopian Logistics Community of Practice (ELCoP), by acting as the Secretariat & managing the budget.
  • Support private sector representation in the logistics sector.
  • Regular visits to Djibouti to understand the port developments & changing context.
  • Monitor development at Modjo Dry Port & promote private sector integration.
  • Work with EMAA & ESLSE staff in Djibouti to improve data collection.
  • Promote usage of the new rail line across govt., humanitarian & private importers alike.
  • Facilitate port operations & logistics training's.
  • Promote & assist with the coordination of the Bulk Shippers’ forum.
  • Explore alternative corridors.

Project reporting:

  • This role reports to the Capacity Strengthening Project Manager.

Team management:

  • This role does not have team management responsibility.

Geographical experience:

  • Minimum of 15 years of experience in Africa (essential).


  • Fluency in English is essential.


Advanced University Degree in Supply Chain, Logistics, Maritime or other relevant fields.

Bachelor’s degree with relevant logistics qualifications & experience.


  • Management of complex operations, including coordination with internal & external stakeholders.
  • Leadership experience in administration of projects, operations to support emergency programs.
  • Experience in responding to challenging situations regarding port operations & logistics.
  • Comfortable using the MS Office suite, including Outlook, Word & Excel.
  • At least 10 to 15 years of experience in commercial or public logistics sectors.
  • Experience acting in an advisory capacity to govt., ports & the commercial sector (shipping lines, transporters, etc.).
  • Experience working on proposals & turning govt. strategy into action plans.
  • Experience working through govt. staff in order to accomplish objectives & action plans.
  • Work in hand-in-hand with clients Transport Economist, who will be working with the govt. regarding policy reform of the commercial freight transport sector.
  • Experience in managing teams of professional staff.


  • Fluency in English is a requirement.


  • Excellent communication & negotiations skills.
  • Effective action management to plan, coordinate & prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Excellent cognitive capacity & problem solving skills.
  • Teamwork, leadership & interpersonal skills with ability to work patiently & tactfully with people of different national & cultural backgrounds.
  • Excellent partnership skills to build strategic relationships with a wide range of internal & external stakeholders.
  • Ability to gain the assistance & cooperation of others in a team endeavor through technical leadership in a broad range of operational areas.

Other relevant information:

  • To be advised.

How to apply:

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on CTG website as a candidate and apply for this role using the below link:

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