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Packaging Quality Inspection Engineers- Vacancy in Ethiopia

Eastern Industry Zone, Ethiopia, OR United Packaging Technology - Ethiopia (UTP-E) Co., Ltd.
Company: United Packaging Technology - Ethiopia (UTP-E) Co., Ltd.
Location: Eastern Industry Zone, Ethiopia
Position: Packaging Quality Inspection Engineer
Number Required: 4
Company Overview
United Technology Packaging-Ethiopia (UTP-E) Co., Ltd. is a new Chinese company located in Ethiopia’s Eastern Industry Zone, around 30 km south of Addis Ababa. The company mainly produce container package of PET bottle and perform, all bottle caps, labels, coating materials, produce and sell on demand produced products, engage in export business of PET perform packaging and printing.
Purpose of the Job
Responsible for complete control of all packaging components and related equipment to ensure package integrity, product quality and conformance to customer specifications.

Main Duties & Responsibilities
  • Ensure packaging specifications to adhere to the strictest quality assurance systems
  • Operate machineries and control production and quality standards
  • Participates in all quality assurance measures.
  • Ensures product quality and consistency throughout supply chain.
  • To audit, improve and/or develop a standardized packaging specification system
  • Improve manufacturing line efficiencies
  • Investigating and setting standards for quality, health and safety
  • Report maintenance related issues involving packaging equipment and line efficiencies.
  • Participate in enhancing production to add value or reduce costs for our total operation
  • Work with operation and maintenance engineers to check, repair and service machinery, equipment and infrastructures
  • Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance
  • Diagnosing machine faults
  • Maintain and report product quality inspection statistical results
  • Managing stocks of supplies and equipment.
  • Ensure the use of ERP or our integrated warehouse information system and have backup Excel sheet present at all times.
  • Ensuring proper working space in the factory with sufficient space & working equipment.
  • Assure representative look of company owned factory resources.
  • Implement and continuously follow up on standard operating procedures in the facility
  • Develop her/himself to carry out different tasks under different condition.
  • Take any additional responsibility from General and Assistant manager.

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